Every Rose Has It’s Thorns.

Warning: Some sensitive issues maybe addressed here and there maybe some rough language. You have been warned.

Notes: Trying to recreate a battle is hard! Plus I can’t write action that well. I did try to install pose player… and the game kept crashing with it. So I removed it.  So we get more text instead of picture. Sorry for the wait. There are two battles mentioned in this chapter. Now on with the story.

The night of the battle came swiftly. Many lives gone, so many both Delieven and Omicri, missing. There was fire in the air from the bombs.

The rebellion, nearly lost Briar that night. But he survived. A woman, who Rosaline can swear up and down to be the emperor’s wife.  Came to the rebellion camp with a healing potion. The woman was dressed in royal clothes and heavily pregnant with child.  Why was this Delieven woman helping them?  Why did she look like the emperor’s wife?  What was she whispering to her brother? If she was the emperor’s wife… why did the rebellion let her in their headquarters?! What is going on?!

The woman left after a short meeting with Briar.

Rosaline was thankful for the woman’s healing potion her brother lives for another day. Though her questions about the possible royal lady can be answered later.

Rosaline’s body had it’s own bruises and cuts but she will heal in time.

Before tonight she already knew what battling for the rebellion meant. Death, for the people in the rebellion. She knew in every war there would be death on both ends. But what she didn’t realize was this: She had to take a life.  Rosaline in all her fifteen years of life never killed another living soul.

In this battle she has killed three. Two by firearms and one with her bare hands. The voice of the soldiers she killed still filled her mind. She was overwhelmed by guilt.  She wonders after so many battles: Will she get used to it? Or will she succumb to suicide if the Delieven don’t kill her in battle? Then again Briar did prepare her for this too.  In war there will always be death.  Though she wonders if this is the very many reason why some Delieven soldiers have killed themselves in the past.  Maybe the stress of war is to much..

Another thing that did bother her, General Zeddicus Doux he looked familiar to her.



That hair, those eyes, that nose… the same as hers. People say Zeddicus is a heartless man: but yet. He had the gun right up to her head and made the decision not to fire. He told the rest of his troops to leave her alone in the middle of the battle. Why?  He couldn’t be her father? Right? No. Then why would he spare her life out of all the other rebels? Something didn’t add up here. Even if he did leave her alive as prisoner… why he didn’t take her to prison? Why leave her be?

Maybe it’s a father’s love?’ Rosaline scoffed at that very thought.  “Yeah, fucking right. like a rapist/murder gives a damn about his bastards.” Rosaline punched the mirror in front of her breaking it.

‘Oww.. Stupid of you Rosaline.’ She silently cursed herself as she was picking the shards of glass from her hand.

Even if he did sire her… why would he care? Rosaline is just another out of his many bastard children. But if he wasn’t her father… why does did he care to spare her? What the heck was going on here.


At the Castle of the Emperor Mandar.


He sat down with his highest General: Zeddicus Doux and his right hand man Graham Wicksfield a Delieven with Bright Yellow hair and Green eyes.


“I believe there is a traitor in our mist.” The Emperor stated.. “I don’t know who it is, but it’s someone close. Someone within my Estate.”

Graham began to speak, “Well my emperor if you ask me I do believe the trader is right in front of us.  His name: Zeddicus.”


“Graham! I sincerely doubt my greatest solider would betray us-”

“I saw him spare a Omicri girl! I was there! I saw it.”

“Is this true?”



Zeddicus sat there. Of course it’s true… “The girl alive could be invaluable to our cause, she is the closest person to the Lorak Briar.  This could give us a tactical advantage if we swayed her over to our side. She could give us insider information.”

Mandar sat and pondered what Zeddicus said for a minute. “Why would a Omicri care about our cause?”

“She is not purely Omicri, you see she’s one of my offspring a result from one of my many victories. You see: I keep track of all of my offspring in some way or another. Sources have told me her mother treated her like she was nothing but dirt and then she ran off to join the rebellion. The Omicri in general hasn’t done squat for her. I think I can get her to open her eyes to see what kind of heartless people they really are. Remind her she has a father that cares and loves her.. Unlike her mother who turned her away and a brother wasting her life in this pointless battle. Once she knows this- she will be giving away all the rebellion secrets in a quick minute. ”

“Do you think she’d betray her own kind so quickly?”

“She’s female my lord. You know how women are, slaves to their own puny emotions.”

“So true.”

“Yes. So can I preceded further with this project of mine?”

Of course Zeddicus knows this is only half of the truth. The full truth of the manner was he knew one day his daughter will be the one to take over.  Zeddicus has his own secret, a secret mirror. They ancients call it a ‘Universal Mirror.’ it shows you not only alternate universes, but the future timeline as well. He acquired this mirror shortly before Rosaline’s conception by then he learned everything. So, Petunia and her lovely daughter Cassandra became his targets when he raided that village he knew one of them was going to bare his child. The very child who was meant to rise to power.

Since his bastard offspring will be the one to take over.  He wants to be there by her side, pulling the strings sorta of speak. A seat of power. He knows his daughter has anger buried deep deep inside, he wants to control that anger.  He doesn’t want to be King.. to much danger of assassination in that. But to pull the strings of a puppet ruler? No threat to him at all.

Mandar only lets him have control over half of the army. That just isn’t enough power for him! He wants it all and if manipulating Rosaline was a way to get what he wants. Then so be it. Of course he wasn’t going to tell Mandar of his own secret agenda.


“You make a good point Zeddicus. If you can sway her over then by all means do so. If not, I am sure you’ll have no trouble killing her.”‘

“Of course. I always do your will my lord.”


Graham stood up, “This is ridiculous! First you tell us there is a traitor in our mist. But then I point the traitorous thing Zeddicus has done and you agree with him?!”

“Graham he’s given his reasons, and good ones to if I may add.”

“I do not believe the traitor is either one of you. I have known the two of you my whole life.. no it can’t be either one of you. Graham what I want you to do is gather all the slaves and question each of them.’


“Argue with me one more time and I’ll have you locked up lifetime friend or no.”

“I’ll gather the slaves.”


“Zeddicus I want you to gather all the guards and security and question them one by one. Someone here is betraying and I want to get to the bottom of this.”

“Yes sir.” On the outside Zeddicus looked serious, on the inside he is literally laughing.  ‘Poor moron never bothered to question his own wife. HA.’

To Zaddicus it just didn’t really manner what was going on there to bother to tell him exactly what he knows.. hell no. Friends are something to be used to him and the Emperor’s usefulness to him will be up quicker then he knows. So why bother to reveal what’s really going on? Little did the General know but he was playing right into Fate’s hands.

So the two right hand men of the emperor did what they were assigned to do.

While up in the second story of the castle sat a little Princess named Lyra. The Emperor’s and Empress’s daughter.


When Lyra was born the Emperor sought to kill his little daughter at birth. She was female therefore useless to him.

But when he heard his wife pleas for there daughter’s life he grew soft and kept the child alive on one condition that she bare him a son next time.


As time went on his wife is now excepting their second child. For his wife’s sake he hopes for a son. One daughter is bad enough but two will just be a nightmare.  If his wife does indeed bare him a second daughter. He will have his wife and newest baby executed and start over with a new wife.

Lyra has grown on him a bit though,  he doesn’t know what use he can make out of Lyra. Though the thought of marrying her off to nobleman or one of his soldiers in the future did enter his mind.

No woman shall rule the planet Keeva and Mandar will try his damnedest to make sure that will never happen. A woman’s rule will most likely ruin their planet. So marrying off little Lyra when she reaches her teen years will be his daughter’s best possible future.

“No woman. will. EVER.” He growled to himself. Then he took a quick glance at Lyra.. ‘And you remember that.’

A few weeks have past since the last battle..

Pick n chose (16)

Briar was meditating, like he always does when he prepares for battle or when he has an awful lot on his mind. It helps him keep focus in life or death emergencies. More was on his mind then what even the other rebels knew about.  Despite the fact Adria has been in his inside source for the last seven months.. seeing the empress there, while pregnant was a shock to his system.

He was thankful for being healed, but Adria and the unborn baby was on his mind immensely.  He was worried for Adria’s safety and well being of that unborn baby if only-

His thoughts were interrupted by his little sister walking into the room.

“Briar, can we talk?”


“Sure, Rose you know I always have time for you.”

“So brother, care to tell me who was the woman in royal clothing a couple of weeks ago?”

“…Our inside source.”

“She seemed close to you… very close.. she was literally sobbing. Care to tell me why? Would the Empress of the Delieven would help the rebellion.. much less cry over a ‘worthless’ Omicri. I don’t know maybe Mandar’s wife could be using you or acting? Maybe she’s relaying things to her husband-”


Briar for the first time ever shot Rosaline the meanest glare.

“Rosaline do not judge what you do not know. We are fighting for equality here and for equal rights of for everyone. Adria, much like a few of the other Delieven do not agree with the slavery of the Omicri.  She just as much as a slave to Mandar as the rest of the of the enslaved Omicri are. You do realize much like Omicri women the Delieven women don’t have much of a choice in who they marry? I have known Adria as a child- I know her, she never had much of a choice in anything. Don’t you ever go- ”

“Okay, okay, calm down Briar. I am sorry I ever- Wait.. how do you know her?”

Briar began to calm down.

“Adria and I used to play together as children. My father used to work for her dad as a gardener for their family. You know how our family is one of the rare free ones. Well,  my father would take his wagon to work everyday and me with him to teach me how to garden… but what I really did was run off played with Adria for what seemed like hours. My childhood best-friend she was.  She came from a kinder Delieven, family a more accepting one. If mother didn’t run me off to join rebellion things between Adria and I-.. well let’s not talk about what could’ve been or what may have happened.”

He remembered the anger he felt when he heard Emperor Mandar chose a bride, because Adria wasn’t just any Delieven woman. She once meant the world to Briar and that horrible man picked her out for his wife.

Years later she came to him offering to help out the Omicri side of the rebellion. At first Briar refused her help, for Adria’s safety he didn’t want to lose her. Her insane husband would have her dead.

But then she talked to him even more she explained to Briar that she has a little girl named Lyra.. and that if Mandar is still be in charge her little girl maybe dead or married off to someone horrible.  She had her own very understandable reasons. A loving mother would do anything to save her own child.

After her pleas, Briar accepted her help with her inside information.  Then over time they grew close, a little to close…  Briar still had old feelings for Adria and she felt the same for him.

One night one thing led to another.. he’s not for sure if the child she is currently carrying is his or not. But there is a good possibility of just that.

He looked to his side sadly. Briar started to think to himself,  ‘Three innocent people could die-‘  Tears ran down his face, ‘Damn it get a hold of yourself! Well figure a way to save them all of them!’  He shook his head trying to get himself out of these thoughts, “Well let’s not talk about that.”

“I am sorry to have doubted- Briar are you okay?”

“Yeah I am fine…” He said lost in thought.


Rosaline held her brother in a tight hug.. “Hey. I am always here for you.”

“I know you are Rosaline, I know you are..”

“Don’t you ever leave..”

“…” Rosaline sighed. She hated to break up the moment. But there was one more order of business that she needed to get to.

“Why did the general spare me at the last battle?”


“General Doux, he had the gun pointed right at my head but he didn’t shoot and told the others to back off me. Why?”

Briar gave his sister a good long look.



“..You took a good look at him Rosaline you know who he is to you. I rather not call him, your father he’s more like.. a horrible horrible donor. As for why didn’t he shoot you? My only guess is that he thinks you will be of use to him at some point.. Don’t fall for his tricks.”

“I won’t.”

“He’ll try to convince you of things that aren’t true…” Briar’s only regret was not killing the bastard when he had the chance. If he wasn’t critically injured at the time Zeddicus would have been dead.That man killed his father and raped his mother and sister. He hates speaking of that horrible man right now, but his dear sister had every right to know.

“I understand, and I won’t.”

“Good.. and Rosaline..”


“I love you little sister. Don’t forget that.”

“I love you too and won’t ever forget you..”

Two months later…

The rebellion had to act fast and get the many wounded out of the Rebellion headquarters as possible. The few who were able to fight the Delieven stood and fought to the bitter end.

The air smelled of smoke and blood. Rosaline stood with a gun shooting any of the Delieven.

“Briar!” She yelled. Her brother became missing within the chaos.

She ran aimlessly threw the many soldiers who were under strict orders to leave her alive.  In a rush of emotions, sadness, anger, fear…


She ran hard and long to find her brother.

She her brother’s voice faintly… “Rose…”

Even, after all he had been through, Briar had never wished for death. Not once, not ever. Through all the pain of a landed enemy strike, through all the pain caused by his cruel past, through all the pain of losing his father, and the love of his life.  Not once, had he ever wished for death.

He was no coward, but he loved life. He loved living, he loved his sisters, he loved his mom despite her cruelness, he loved Adria, and the baby.. he had a vision of a beautiful Omicri baby being born.

He didn’t much time left and he’ll be damned if his powers were going to die with him. At the moment of death any Lorak can transfer his or her own powers to the one closest to them.  His sister will need magical powers..

“Briar!” She ran straight to her brother’s side there was a gaping hole in his chest…  How is he even alive? Through his magic or what? He was bleeding profusely.

“HELP!” Rosaline began to scream for the others to come to their aid..

“Rosaline, I don’t have much time…” He placed his hand over her chest…”I Briar Marcus Dimes.. give the right of cast to my sister Rosaline Imelda Dimes..”

There was a light yellow glow that came from his hand this same glow… light.. whatever one will call it came out of him and straight into Rosaline’s heart.

“I cast all of my powers to her..”

“No, don’t die… No!” Rosaline started to cry.

“Find Adria.. get her and my child to safety by any means possible. Be sure the child knows-” Briar drew his last breath and died right there by Rosaline’s side.

“WAKE UP!” She screamed so loud… “NO YOU GET UP!”

From the distance there was a laughter. There stood Graham, a delieven with bright yellow hair and green eyes.  “I did what took Zeddicus years to do.. Ding-dong the Lorak is dead.” He mocked.

“Boy was he delusional thinking he mated with the Empress.. haha-” In mid laughter he got impaled with a sword threw from behind he had no clue how did that Omicri girl get behind him that quickly.

“You die slowly and painfully.” She said as she twisted the sword in Graham’s back. “May you forever rot in Divera trash.” The rose has grown her thorns.

An older Rosaline woke up.

Rosaline’s P.O.V

“Oh, my-” … I was dizzy and sickened. “I think I am going to get sick..” I felt tears rolling down my face.

“Briar is gone..”

Life put her hand on my shoulder.. “Rosaline..”

“I don’t want to go threw this anymore. No wonder I went crazy!” I sobbed long and hard into Life’s shoulder.

“There’s more you need to know.”

“I can’t do-”

“You must!”

I started to walk out of the house Life was in.

“I don’t need too..”

She ran after me quickly.

Chapter Teenage Rebellion (6)

“You gotta know.. even if it’s just for Faith to know okay? Shortly after I can wipe these memories forever if you wish.”

“I’ve killed-”

“Rosaline, it was kill or be killed on those battle fields. You didn’t have much of a choice.”

“What was Brair’s “Right of cast?”

“He gave you his powers… you were a lorak or shall I say witch.. at one time yourself. You renounced those powers years ago.”

“So it was for nothing-”

“I wouldn’t say that.”

“What happened to the baby.. was it his?”

“Rosaline, you gotta drink that water and find out for yourself.”

To be continued..

Next up: Rosaline’s rise to power.

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Faith in her prom dress.. I thought she was so pretty here.


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Thank you all for reading and waiting so patiently! I am sorry I took so long with this. I hope enjoyed this chapter.




Teenage Rebellion

Note: We will start off to see how Faith is doing without her mom. Then we will go right to how Adult Rosaline is handling the truth of her childhood. Then on with the next flashback to her life. Hope you enjoy this chapter.

Warning: There maybe some sensitive issues addressed in this chapter.


Faith’s Pov.

I have been keeping mom’s garden alive in her absence.  I must say.. I am pretty proud it is this large and thriving. It was hard work considering there is no working sprinkler system and don’t get me started with the plants trying to start up conversations with me! I have no idea what to say back to a tree or a bush. Don’t know how mom does it everyday.

Heh, most people would think I am crazy when I speak about what I hear the plants and animals say.  One of the few that do seem to understand is my pen pal.


Chapter Teenage Rebellion (1)

Though it’s been years since our grade-school assignment. I still write to Trevor.

Chapter Teenage Rebellion (2)

Trevor is one of my few friends.  Outside of the family that is.  I do value his friendship dearly. Even though he’s all the way in Aurora Skies he’s one of the few I trust.

I’d never tell anyone this but people tend to make me nervous. Very nervous, I have no clue why I am so afraid of them. Maybe it’s because I can hear their violent thoughts? But then again not everyone I run into has violent thoughts or intentions.

But I have met more then a few that has. Sometimes I think there is someone spying on me. But when I look there is no-one there.  Without my mother around I feel more jumpy. I am trying to be brave though. Perhaps I am being paranoid and nobody is spying on me.

Whatever this quest for the truth is: I do hope mom finds what she is looking for.

Time has went on and I got contacted by my half-brother Bruce Windfall.  Apparently he’s the sixth child of my father and his ex-wife. Over the last three weeks we’ve been exchanging messages. I finally invited him over to the park. I know mother isn’t around but I am not throwing no big party and he’s my brother… family.  So I don’t think there’s any harm here.

Chapter Teenage Rebellion (17)

He greeted me with a smile.

Chapter Teenage Rebellion (24)

“Nice to meet you at last Faith.”

“Nice to see you to Bruce.  So, uh.. hows the family?”

“Well my mom is okay, our sister Regina signed her up for a television show called “The one.”  Bruce laughed, “Don’t know if they’re going to call her back though.  Bert is doing better since the television show it helped him get courage to go out there find his one. He wishes Erin and Cal well.  Anyway he says your welcome to visit him anytime. Our other sister Terri wants to meet you as well.  As for the rest of our siblings Greg and Dixie….  well they want nothing to do with me and I can’t tell you about dad. I haven’t seen him in a long while either.”

“Why haven’t you spoken to the rest of our siblings or father? I mean I know he don’t want me but you-”

Chapter Teenage Rebellion (21)

“It’s a long story Faith.. I rather not. You may disown me to if you knew. Besides I want to know more about you.”


Chapter Teenage Rebellion (19)

I wonder what Bruce did was so wrong? I mean if Dixie, Greg and father stopped talking to him.  After reading his mind I don’t detect anything wrong with him. But I do sense a lot of sadness in his soul.  So, I did the only thing I can think of his take Bruce and pull him into a hug.

Chapter Teenage Rebellion (33)

“Well you may not want to talk about it and that’s fine. But no manner what you have a sister here who loves you regardless. Dad, Greg, and Dixie can get over what it is they’re mad at you about.”

“Thanks sis.”

So we talked for hours.. I told about my life, and how I am doing.  We had a debate: I liked the Orange flavored Plasma while Bruce liked the Cherry.

Chapter Teenage Rebellion (27)

Though I do often wonder what it’d be like straight from the source.  But at the same time I am kinda of afraid to try it..

Apparently Bruce works part time at the grocery store and he told me that they’re hiring.

Chapter Teenage Rebellion (23)

I did thank him for the offer but mother doesn’t want me putting in toward her goal.

Chapter Teenage Rebellion (30)

After awhile he confessed his secret to me.

Chapter Teenage Rebellion (18)

He came out to me…  I was shocked, not by the fact that Bruce is gay. No not that. But that father would disown him, or Greg and Dixie would have nothing to do with him. For that? Really?

To me such things never did manner. Love and let love is my motto. I held him into a tight hug again.

“As I said it don’t manner to me. You have a here sister that loves you. When you do find your special someone make sure I get invited to that wedding.”

Chapter Teenage Rebellion (33)

“Well I am bit young for that.  But thanks… for being their Faith.”

“Anytime. Besides you don’t just have me: but you have your mom, Bert, Regina, and Terri as well. You have a good support system right there.”

Time came and he had to go home it was curfew time. I bid him well and hopes he comes back to visit soon.  Maybe I will meet the rest of my siblings.. or at least Bert, Regina, and Terri. They sound like good people.  I guess I had more family I ever knew.  My mind wonder over to mom for a minute.  I wonder how she is, what is she doing?  I do hope she’s alright.

*End of Faith’s POV.*


Rosaline’s P.O.V

I got up with splitting headache must be from falling down on the concrete.  However the tears running down my face was not from any physical pain but from the mental torment of my childhood.

Chapter Teenage Rebellion (6)

“You were right my past was painful. Maybe I shouldn’t go any further into it-”  Life was being comforting.  “I know the beginnings of your life was a bit much to take.  However you’re going have to find the strength to keep on taking the memory water and remembering more.”

“My own mother didn’t want me-”


“I’d be dead right now if it wasn’t for my sister. I need to find and thank her-”

“Rosaline! ”

“Where’s the nearest spaceship?”

“ROSALINE! Will you please focus? I know your life was hard and it shaped you into the person you was. However there’s more you need to know.  Want to know even. You asked me for answers and I am keeping to that promise. After you are done uncovering the full truth of the past. I will leave it up to you on what you want to do with this information.”

I cried into Life’s shoulder so hard.


Chapter Teenage Rebellion (4)

“What do you mean by that?”

“I could wipe your mind once more or you can live with the truth of things. That will be left up to you once we are done. But only on one condition.”

“What would that be?” I asked while trying to dry the tears from my eyes.

Chapter Teenage Rebellion (5)

“That Faith know the whole truth. She’s going to need this information one day if she’s ever going to def- Well I told you there’s a man coming here for revenge. I am not allowed to interfere with Fate to much. Even though I should Fate is my son- but I digress. Laws of the universe state I can’t interfere with his plans. But however I can give people pushes in the right direction and that’s what I am doing here. You need to go on not just for your sake but for your daughter’s as well. Can you do that? Can you even agree to these conditions?”

“I wonder if ignorance is truly bliss. Because I honestly feel right now I’d be mentally better if I didn’t know. I regret asking and begging for the truth.. but I will go on for Faith’s sake and to see what happened to my sister. I do agree.  Let’s see if I can live with these memories.”

“Remember, ignorance maybe bliss but knowledge is power.  Now will you please go in there and take the next glass?”

Chapter Teenage Rebellion (7)

“Here goes nothing I guess.”

“Lay down on the couch this time no need for you to hit your head on the concert again.”

Chapter Teenage Rebellion (14)

This memory water as Life put it. Taste bitter sweet.  I wonder if that means there’s a few good memories to come this time?  The memory water that contained my childhood tasted nasty and sour. I wonder if taste has anything to do with the content of the memories.

Chapter Teenage Rebellion (15)

I sat down on the couch.

Chapter Teenage Rebellion (16)

Then I was out like a light. Next thing I knew I was running.

End of Rosaline’s p.o.v

The now thirteen year old Rosaline ran long and hard away from her mother and sister. She knew where she was not wanted and rather not to stay her mom and sister if her being there brings back memories of the horrible acts that brought her into this world.

Chapter Teenage Rebellion (36)

But where will she go? What will she do? She had no idea or no plans for the future. All she knew is that she had to go away and be careful not to be caught by slave traders.

Chapter Teenage Rebellion (37)

She ran so hard and so fast she ran straight into her brother. Except she didn’t know he was her brother.

Chapter Teenage Rebellion (39)

He was the head of the Omicri rebellion against the rule of the Delieven.  Briar maybe in his mid twenties now, but he was second in command for the longest time of the Omicri resistance. However rebellion leaders don’t usually last long the current emperor is usually quite proficient at hunting them down and killing them.

With Brair being Lorak with the highest level of magic: this fact alone made killing him a bit more difficult to the emperor but still he has his spies everywhere and he’s determined to get bring him down just like all the rest.

Briar has to stay on guard he never knows who or what maybe working for the emperor so his paranoia to this young girl running up to his headquarters is quite understandable.

Chapter Teenage Rebellion (40)

“Who are you and what do you want?!” He wasted no time at yelling at her.

“Hey hey, please calm down. I mean no harm.. I just left home and-well to answer who I am my name is Dimes. Rosaline Dimes that is.”

He stared at her that’s impossible he had only one sister that he knew of and that was Cassandra. The last he spoke to his mother she claimed to have miscarried the child within her. That was so many years ago now, she forbidden him from ever calling back. But his mother wasn’t one to lie? Was she? His mother or sister getting married to stay in a group of three didn’t make sense either because then this young girl wouldn’t be claiming her family name was Dimes. No, this girl is a liar in his a mind. A little truth telling spell will tell him everything.

“Using my own family name against me huh? How much did that emperor pay you? If you must speak lies then I am going to make you tell the truth.”

“What are you doing?”

Chapter Teenage Rebellion (43)

Chapter Teenage Rebellion (48)


With a Passion so red, Set to the fire and sunlight,
Let the truth be said, As this is my desire

Chapter Teenage Rebellion (51)

“Now who are you?”

Rosaline was now in daze and incapable of lying “As I told you once my name is Rosaline Dimes. ”

“Who is your mother and father?”

“My mother’s name is Petunia Dimes.. my father is unknown to me. Other then he burnt down my family’s village and raped my mother and sister. That’s how I was born.”

So his mother did lie to him about miscarrying the baby.

“Tell me why did you run away?”

Chapter Teenage Rebellion (50)

“My mother wouldn’t feed me, or let me sleep in the cabin. If it wasn’t for Cassandra sneaking me in I’d be dead. I recently found out the truth behind my birth.”

“I see.. Well I apologize for yelling at you and calling you a liar.”

Chapter Teenage Rebellion (49)

“No need to.. You were right not trust me. We’re strangers and you seem like an important man-”

“No I need to. I am sorry for jumping to the wrong conclusion. Allow me to introduce myself I am Briar Dimes- Your brother.”

“The freedom fighter? The Lorak?”

“Yes that is I. Mother told you about me? ”

“No, Cassandra did. Mom barely spoke to me unless it was to kick me out.”

“I see, follow me.”

Chapter Teenage Rebellion (53)


“This is where you will be staying for now… Until I can figure what to do with you-”

“I can stay with you and learn to fight!”

“You? You’re but a baby-”

Chapter Teenage Rebellion (53)

“I am not a baby! Besides I would be no older from when you started.”

Memories filled Briar’s head from when he was no older then thirteen.

His mother filling ideas in his head about him being the man of the house.

1 Brair's Past (3)

That if he was any kind of good son, he would go out there avenge his father’s death.  She told him to never come back until he brought his father’s killer to justice. Put those magical abilities he was born with to good use!

1 Brair's Past (1)

He ran hard and long that day until he joined up with the rebels. Briar was afraid then.  But the leader of the rebellion took him in, a Lorak was a valuable member to their group. They could always use magic on their side. So the former leader taught him how to control his powers and be a master of the martial arts.  The rebellion leader is now dead and Briar had taken his place.

So many died for in the fight for freedom. He didn’t want that for any sister of his. Not Cassandra, not Rosaline. To many people have died for freedom.  Briar will gladly die if it meant his people, the Omicri being free.  But he never wanted his family at risk.  He already lost his father, he refuses to lose anyone in his family.

Chapter Teenage Rebellion (54)

“You stay here for tonight and I will tell my decision in the morning.”

“I want to fight with you-”

“I know.”

Rosaline took refuge in her brothers in room awaiting his decision that very morning

Briar decided to contact his sister.

Chapter Teenage Rebellion (60)

“Yes, Cassandra she’s safe. She’s with me.  Should I send her back home?”

“No! Mother said she’ll kill her if she came back…”

“But you would be no longer in a group of three and you’ll free dibs for the Delieven slave traders.”

“I am afraid to say she already prepared for that day without telling me-”

“What do you mean?”

“She arranged for me to be married.”

“Oh, no…”

“Yes.. Since she’s still the head of the household by law I don’t have much of a choice in the manner.”

“Yes, I know. I am sorry to hear that this is against your will. What may I do about Rosa-”

“Let her join the fight… it is her destiny to rule us all. One must not fight fate.”

“I rather not-”

“Please let her join. I rather her be with the right people then for her to meet up with the right people. Rather then that man.”

Chapter Teenage Rebellion (61)

“One way or another her fate is going to happen. If it must.. I rather it be with a brother who loves her rather then a father who would be using her emotions against her.”


“No buts, show her exactly what she is risking. Tell her what fighting for Omicri freedom actually means,” Cassandra sighed, “and Briar-”


“Be careful out there. When you are fighting on the field out for Delieven with bright yellow hair and green eyes. He will be the death of you if you don’t-”

Chapter Teenage Rebellion (58)


“If I die Cassandra, atleast I die fighting for my people. It wouldn’t be a meaningless death-”

“Please be careful. Please watch out for that man.”

“Dear sister I know your visions have been true.. but one cannot be right all the time.”

“When have I been wrong?”

“There’s a first time for everything.”

“Please, I am begging you be-”

“I will do everything I can to protect the people and myself.  I will keep good care of Rosaline myself. I do hope you have a happy marriage despite the fact it is being forced. I do hope mother will see the light one day. Be well sister, I love you and mother both.”

Despite his mother’s wrong doings toward him and Rosaline. He can’t help but still love his mom, after-all she wasn’t always this crazy. She wasn’t always mean and bitter.  Their mother just changed dramatically after the death of her husband, the loss of the village, having to carry her rapist baby.

It would put a strain on anyone’s mental mind he knows he can’t blame her totally for the mistreatment. He just wishes she’d get some help, but any type of help for an Omicri, is a laughable to the current government. Maybe if he succeeds in his mission when things change for good.. perhaps then he can get his mother to help she needs.

“Be well, love you and Rosaline to.”

As he hung up the phone he sighed heavily. He doesn’t want Rosaline to fight.. he does know a few Omicri families who would be more then willing to take her in. Perhaps if he showed her the exact life and death fighting against the Delieven.. maybe then she will change her mind. If not he will take her under his wing. Cassandra did say she was destined to rule them all and if that is true then he won’t fight fate. However he thinks he can change her mind after what he is about to show her.

When Rosaline woke up he told her to come back to the of the Rebellion headquarters.

Chapter Teenage Rebellion (66)

“Who are these people?”

“The fallen rebels… or at least the bodies of the rebels we can find Rosaline.”

Chapter Teenage Rebellion (67)

“Each of these people have fought and have died for one idea: Freedom. They were brave men and women willing to fight for the Omicri’s freedom. If you are to fight with us. You should know the risk, many fought and died. Others were captured by Delieven and tortured to death. They done many unspeakable acts to these freedom fighters.”

“I understand the risk and I want to fight.”

“You don’t have to. Infact I know of a Omicri family willing to adopt you as their own child, you can go to them and have the loving home you have always wanted. I wouldn’t think any less of you if you took up this offer.”

Rosaline paused. A loving home.

Sure that’s what she always wanted a home to call her own, where she wouldn’t be kicked out to the cold or nearly starved to death by her own mother. The thought within it itself was tempting.

However, there were people dying for freedom. Omicris are slaves or have to work damn hard to keep their freedom. While the Delieven just ran around in the higher class and don’t have to want for anything while the Omicri barely making ends meat. This wasn’t right and if she could do something about her own people slaves help put an end to the Omicri torment then by damn she’s going to do something about no manner what the cost.

“I want to fight. I do understand the risk. Dear brother, I much rather fight for the freedom then be a prisoner to the Delieven rule my whole life. The more people in this fight the better.”

“Then so be it. Your training starts today.”

First thing was first Briar, taught her martial arts and trained her himself.

Chapter Teenage Rebellion (71)

“You kick like a girl! Keep going!”

Chapter Teenage Rebellion (69)

They have sparred together once a day everyday until the time of the big battle.

She made it to be a white belt.

Chapter Teenage Rebellion (72)

Chapter Teenage Rebellion (74)

However with Briar being a master of the Martial arts. He won their sparing contest every time.

Chapter Teenage Rebellion (77)

Chapter Teenage Rebellion (77)

She also sparred with other Omicri rebellion members.

Chapter Teenage Rebellion (84)

Chapter Teenage Rebellion (89)

Briar and Rosaline grew close as brother and sister should be over the following weeks.

He had been a big brother, a mentor, and as of now second closest thing she had to a best friend. If something were happen to him may goddess Gia pity the poor soul who would hurt him.

Chapter Teenage Rebellion (83)

Chapter Teenage Rebellion (93)

She also grew better in her abilities. Briar saw a bunch of untapped potential Rosaline she was strong, smart, and brave. He knows well she’ll fair well in a fight.

The day of the big battle is finally here. Brair just received information from his spies on the inside that General Zeddicus Doux will be handling the rebellion manner himself.  This made it a personal issue for Brair for that was very man who burnt down his home village… and of course if Rosaline puts two and two together she will figure out who her father is.

To be continued.

Note: Well you got a long update. 3,548 word update to be exact. Didn’t exactly mean to leave it at a cliffhanger but this was getting way to long. Next up a big battle and Rosaline’s young adult years. Oh, and get use to Faith’s brother Bruce and his partner will play a big part in her generation’s story as well. Hope everyone reading enjoys.  Jazen hope you don’t mind the Erin reference.

Quick need to Know.

What you need to know about the planet Keeva.  Now of course Rosaline’s childhood will be posted but here’s a few need to knows about the planet Keeva and the Conflict of the two races that surrounds them as well as their beliefs.  This is pretty much a must read in order to understand the traditions a bit more and of course who knows when I will add someone from the Planet Keeva in my Burnbright stories lol.

Disclaimer: There are religious belief’s in this quick to need to know of two fictional races. They do NOT match up to my beliefs. Just to make that clear right now.


Omicri and Deliven: The Omicri and Deliven have co-existed on the planet Keeva since the start of their time. There has been have a few differences between the Omicri and Deliven. The Omicri can speak to animals, and plants. Omicri are rarely are born with the gift of foresight. Can see the future, or sometimes have dreams into the past about stuff there is no way they could have known. Problem is most Omicri see the Oracles as rip offs and cheats. Very few people believe them.

Deliven do no such thing they can’t communicate with plants or animals at all.  Deliven’s however have a great sense of sight they can see things up to a mile away or can read the finest print on a piece of paper. Deliven’s have excellent hearing as well they can hear up to three miles away.

If  a Deliven and a Omicri had a child together. The child almost always turns out Omicri there genes are very dominate. Rarely will a Deliven be born of such a union.

Deliven’s come in two colors Green and Purple. Their ears are never pointed.

Omicri however come in all colors and have pointed ears.

Deliven are in power right before Rosaline takes over. They are above the Omicri in economy and wealth. Some Omicri’s are in fact slaves to the Delieven. However there are also ‘free’ families.  The free Omicri families carrying around papers stating that they’re families are free and at least one person in the household is employed. Weather, it’d be farming, fortune telling, being a maid, or gardener. One Free Omicri has to keep their  family secure in one working profession in order to keep their freedom in tact.

Belief’s and Religion: There has been very big battles over religion on this planet. Since Deliven’s and Omicri have two very different belief systems.

Omicri believe that the whole planet was created by the goddess Gia. She is the ‘mother’ of them all. They believe the goddess is a sweet and loving woman who would never do them any harm.

There are five commandments that mother Gia demands from the Omicri.

1. You shall not kill another person: unless your life is being threaten.

2. You shall not beat a child.

3. You shall not commit adultery.

4. You shall help others who are in need.

5. You shall treat the planet Keeva with respect. It is your home you shall keep care of the planet as it keeps care of you.

Other Omicri beliefs: When a child is born, it is Omicri belief that the child chose their parents before they were born. (This plays a big part in why Rosaline’s mother is bitter at her youngest child.) If an Omicri has been awful and evil in life they shall go to “Divera” after they die. In Divera everything bad you have done to anybody will be done unto you. You will experience everything bad you had done to anybody.

If you had been good in life when you die you will make it to Nivera. In Nivera it’s is a blissful afterlife but you still got to work their being guardian Angel to everyone else who needs you.

Once your tasks in either afterlife is done. You shall be reborn of parents of your choosing if you had been good. If you had been a evil person and your punishment in Divera is up you shall be reborn to another planet, since you have done wrong on Keeva and you have learned your lesson. You shall be born on another world for a new start in life.

Deliven Belief system: The Deliven worship their lord Markle. Markle is a merciless god. If you serve him well you shall go to Tavina (Heaven) and have all your hearts desire’s. If you don’t obey the mighty Markle you shall suffer for eternity in Raniam. In Raniam you shall simply sit there and rot and burn.

They believe the Omicri goddess Gia is the devil.

The Deliven  religious rules: 1. Treat the Omicri with no mercy as they were made by the Devil Gia.

2. Kill anyone who praises Gia.

3. Take two days of your week to worship me Markle, your creator.

4. You shall make servants of the Omicri as they are of the devil they should be tamed into submission.

5. You shall not take any other god before me.

6. You shall not believe in Karma. Karma is false.

7.  You shall not kill your fellow Deliven.

Each side think they’re the right religion. Many Omicri have died/has been slaughtered for believing in Goddess Gia. In this day in age on the planet Keeva if you honestly believed in Gia you would have to hide it as it is a automatic death sentence to celebrate Omicri holidays or so much as pray to Gia.

A few translations:  Lorak= Warlock.  Nonmi= *Insert any insult here.*  Mi-amiga= Love.

Omicri abilities: All Omicri can talk to animals and plants. There is nothing special about that.  But it is considered special to Lorak/Loren. (Warlock/Witch). Or even an Oracle is beyond special.

Omicri and Deliven on occult types: Occult types are rare on Keeva but do happen.

Werewolf: There are Omicri and Delieven werewolves. A few werewolves settled on Keeva instead of Earth when there planet was blown up. Both sides treat the wolves with kindness and they’re even allowed to praise to mighty Kai without the Deliven’s getting mad about it. They’re both loved and feared. Many wolfs are with the resistance against the current evil emperor Mandar.

Witches/Warlocks: To be born with the abilities of that a warlock or a witch means you are among the chosen. The chosen to help protect the planet and to give the people guidance. In love, luck, or even contacting dead relatives. Some even become fighters. The witch and warlock gene will skip many generations before reappearing again. In other words you can have two normal parents and still end up with powers because of an ancestor generations earlier who did possess those powers.

Fairies: They’re rare on this planet and thought to be fictional. The Omicri and Delieven see them rarely. But such encounters are usually dismissed quickly as dreams or the person is called crazy or a drunk.

Mermaids: The sailors claim they are real. But once again very few actually know for sure.

Ghost; Angry souls who haven’t crossed over/souls trying to avoid punishment in the afterlife.

Genies: Well, one has to acquire a lamp first. Even on this world…

Imaginary Friends: Only will a young one with a strong enough imagination can make one real.

How things are before Rosaline comes into power: Delieven are in charge and the Omicri are the lower class. They’re either slaves or the ones who have to work hard to keep their families freedom.

All the past leaders of Keeva have been Delieven and male. Never before has their been a Omicri  or a female in charge. Rosaline could have been great if she wasn’t so revenge driven.

Childhood Years.

Warning: This chapter contains the following: mentions of rape and child neglect.

Notes: Only part of this chapter will be told from Rosaline’s P.O.V.  I hope you read the quick need to know so you know what’s what here. I will be using Riverview for the planet Keeva.

I had to say goodbye to my daughter. Life said what I am about to embark on will be three day journey into the truth.


I hope Faith will be okay while I am away.  Life assured me no harm will come to her while I am gone. I have no choice to trust Life on her word. She has been honest so far. Why would she lie now?

“Mom one thing I don’t understand. Why must you leave?”

Should I tell Faith? I just told her the first thing that came out of my head.

“Faith, sweetheart I have to leave.. in order to learn.”

“Learn what?”

“Just things about myself. Information I need to know. I am sorry Faith.. I can’t tell you much more.”


Faith held me into a tight hug. “Come back safe mom.”

“I will and no wild parties while I am gone.”

Faith gave a light laugh.. “No.. No, I would never.” My daughter shuddered.. “To many people.”

“Not everyone is bad. But seriously no wild parties.” The fact that she wants to be alone all the time is quite disturbing to me…. She should be out there socializing more.


Just like that I was teleported away after one last goodbye to Faith.


There I was in front of Life herself in a instant.


I shook her hand and briefly wondered why did she summon me to this house….


“What’s with all the nectar? We’re going to get drunk as you tell me the history of my life?” I laughed.


Life gave me a serious look. “No, this isn’t nectar at all it’s memory water. Each of these glasses contains some part of your life.”

I was barely holding keeping in my laughter.. Water brings back memories? Really? HA.

“I am not going to tell you per-say.. more like you’re going to watch your life. Bit by bit.”

“I see.”

“I am going to there by you the whole time. I must warn you had a very sad start into your life…”


Here goes nothing. Next thing I know I am out of it…


With Life standing over me.


Next thing know I am sitting in a garden….

End of Rosaline’s P.O.V.



A young Omicri baby sitting in her mother’s garden with nothing more then a beat up teddy bear for company.


Rosaline’s family came from the one of the free Omicri families. Her mother was a widow who lost her husband sometime back.  She was also a gardener who sold her crops to local markets where the Deliven shop.


Her sister Cassandra who is an oracle she knows the fates of everyone. The problem was nobody pays attention to her words on future events until it was too late. However, she worked hard as a Witches assistant at the gypsy wagon to make ends meat. The family had to work hard in order to keep their freedom.


Their family lived in small cabin.


Her mother would do house work and keep care of her own needs as she left her youngest child in the garden to fend for herself.


Meanwhile little Rosaline would sit outside and cry for food, diaper change, a little attention, perhaps a place to sleep?


Only for her mother to ignore her daughter’s cries and go straight to sleep after working. While she would dream about how great her life would be: without her little bastard child.


Rosaline would have starved to death if it wasn’t for her sister coming home and keeping care of her.


“Not this again…” Cassandra would sigh.




“Come on Rosaline you’re not going hungry with me around.”

Cassandra knew the rules: The bastard wasn’t allowed in the cabin. But Cassandra was never one to follow the rules. Rosaline may not have had the same father as her. But that didn’t make this baby a monster. One must not blame the sins of the father on the child.  The same man hurt Cassandra as well as her mother. But she wasn’t about to blame that horrible moment in her past on little Rosaline. This baby had nothing to do with it.


She watched over Rosaline as she happily drank down the milk.

Cassandra knew how special this child was. If only her mother believed her words. She was born for a reason, to a very great destiny.

Rosaline will one day rule them all. If their mother would step up and give this child the love and attention she needed. Rosaline will be a kind and benevolent ruler.

However if this neglect is to continue: Rosaline will become a monster to both Omicri and Deliven.  Killing whoever gets in her way, hellbent on revenge.

She didn’t want that fate for her little sister. Cassandra did love Rosaline dearly, and she wanted to take her away from all this. But however leaving with the baby meant slavery.  Omicri familes must not only work hard to keep their freedom. But also stay in a group of three or more anybody caught on their own or a family of two is simply free game to the Delivens.

Of course getting caught into slavery will mean a far worse future for them all.

Nobody needed that. Maybe a love of a sister might be enough here.


“I love you Rosaline. You are very loved…” Cassandra kept saying to the baby. “Don’t you ever forget that.”


Weather their mother liked it or not the baby was sleeping in the crib: Cassandra had bought for her 2 seasons ago.


While Cassandra would sleep right next to crib in order to quickly tend to Rosaline’s needs so mother wouldn’t notice.

That very morning Petunia caught the child in the cabin once more..


“It’s in the house! It’s in MY HOUSE.”


“Back to the garden with you.”


“Stay there!” Petunia would hiss at her child. As she kept care of the garden she noticed her oldest bringing the baby back into the house.


She stormed in to scream at Cassandra.. “How dare you! You know the rules this… this- thing! Isn’t a allowed in our home!”


“Once again mother this child’s name is Rosaline! She is your daughter not a thing!”


“Just because you gave that bastard a name: Doesn’t make it any more of a person.”


“She is an innocent child! YOUR child. You should treat her as such! She didn’t ask to be born into this situation.”

“Oh, yes she did! She asked for that awful awful man to be her father before birth. Read the holy book girl, maybe you’ll learn a few things.”


Cassandra began to mumble about how the Holy Book is nothing more then a bunch of fairy tales.

But instead of starting up a religious debate with her mother. She had work soon and she had to leave. This time Cassandra took Rosaline with her.  Cassandra’s boss was a kind witch with a soft spot for children.

For tonight Rosaline got to stay out of the garden come back home to her warm crib once more…


Things would stay like this over the next four years. Cassandra would be sneaking the baby into the house while her mother slept.  Cassandra taught her basic needs how to walk, talk and use the potty.


She even told her stories of her future, “What every ruler must know little Rosaline is to keep care of Keeva.  As the planet keeps care of us.. we must take care of it. Be kind to your people… both Deliven and Omicri alike. The Deliven are just misguided they’re not evil.

The day of Rosaline’s 6th birthday came with only her sister around to celebrate.



She grew into a pretty little girl..


“Happy Birthday Rosaline…” Her sister said as she held into a great big hug.


“I got you a music box.”

“Thank you! Thank you!” Rosaline squealed in delight.


“I hope the weather stays good if I am to go back outside….” The child began to say.

“You’re not sleeping outside. I won’t allow it.”

“But mother would-”

“Let me deal with mother.”


When Cassandra left for work: she left little Rosaline to stay home and think.  She had many questions running threw her head like.. Why was mommy so mean to her?  Why didn’t mommy let her into the house? What did she do wrong to momma?

‘Maybe if I give mom a big hug…’



“But mom I was trying to hug you-”

“Go away!”


Rosaline didn’t walk but she ran to the nearest place she could find.


While playing in the junkyard.. Rosaline came upon an idea.

If mommy wasn’t going to be nice to her. Then there is no reason why she should be nice to mommy.


That next day she set up pranks around the house.  The ran back to the junkyard before her mother would awaken.


Petunia wasn’t safe from any of her daughter’s pranks.


All the while Rosaline was playing innocently in the junkyard.


Every night she came home just as her sister did…


Cassandra would sleep in the sleeping bag in the garden.

While Rosaline slept in what used to be Cassandra’s bed.


This routine went on for years without Petunia knowing. They were always careful not to wake her for her not to notice who was where.

One morning that all changed. Boredom became to much for the young child and she began to play pretend around the cabin.


“I am Rosaline Queen! And I demand nine handsome princes!”


“No ten princes! To love me and me alone!”


“What are you doing in this house?!”



“Don’t you know! Yetis will come and eat little bastards who don’t listen to the one brought them into this world!”

“I think a Yeti would rather eat you! You’re bigger!”


A third voice interrupted this little confrontation.

“Don’t you raise a hand to her.”


“Mother this is evil! You should treat her better-”

“I can’t believe your saying this!”






“She is my little sister.. of course I love her despite of her conception. As should you. You shouldn’t blame that man’s crimes on Rosaline. You are her mother and you should step up and be her mother!”

“I don’t want it! I will not have you talking to me like that-”



“You are my child you should treat me and my decisions with more respect!”

Little did the two of them know Rosaline heard everything…


With tears running down her face she ran far.. far far away from her mother and sister.


She went to the river.. to cry out her sorrows. Her mother didn’t want her.. because she was conceived of rape.  This same man, did the same to her sister: whom she loves dearly. Rosaline staying around was just a bitter reminder of what happened.


There was an ache in heart for what happened.

A strange feeling came over her as she aged up…


She aged

Rosaline will not return to her mother’s home instead. She’ll be off to fulfill her destiny: Who knows what she’ll find along the way.

To be continued.

Notes: As I said Rosaline did have a very sad start in life.  Next up we will Rosaline joining the rebellion against the Deliven rule and meeting her older brother Briar. Who will influence Rosaline in a huge way.  We won’t get to see Rosaline’s crimes until after her rise to power. Also Cassandra nor Petunia will be seen for a couple of chapters.  I hope you enjoyed this chapter or atleast liked it on some level sorry it took so long.

Penpals and Birthdays.

Most of this chapter will be written from Faith’s p.o.v. Hopefully I can capture her child like innocent along with a bit of vampire wisdom as they can read minds. So let’s hope I got it right.  Except for the end we will hear from Rosaline’s perspective once more. Also this takes place a few weeks after my last update when Faith aged up into childhood.

Mommy is weird…. we live in a park but I know we have over 32 grand to move with. She always said we have to wait until we make it to fifty grand. Why? So we can have something bigger? I don’t care where we move is along as I have mommy everything will be okay.

She would always hug before school telling me not to worry never to worry everything will be alright.

Why do I feel like that’s only half the truth?


Why do I feel like there is some uncertainty behind her words? Maybe it’s these silly vampire feelings, or maybe I worry for nothing.


Like always mom would take her morning nap and I would finish my morning plasma juice before school.  I dread school, so many people around. I hear people whispering about the homeless family that lives in the park. Even heard teachers talk about how I was just unwanted by my father because my mother is a tramp.

They act like I can’t hear them. They say it in low tones. But I do hear them. Those words do hurt! I just hope the dreaded social worker don’t show up. They have no reason to take me away.  I am currently making A’s! I have everything I need! No need to take me away!

The bus ride to school always seem so lonely. I have no friends around and no siblings. All have is mommy… and even she won’t be around forever. But I will. Teachers taught a class about Vampires like me. The lessons also included Vampires never die of old age.

Sometimes that bus ride seems so lonely

Will I spend forever alone? That is a scary thought. As the school day went everyone was assigned pen pals! I was so excited somebody to talk to… well write.

Dear Trevor...

Further more he’s a fellow vampire just like me! I got a picture and a name.

His name is Trevor Davis McIntyre. What to write? He’s all the way in Aurora skies…

How to start? There’s really not that much to tell about me. But I’ll guess I will try.

Hello Trevor McIntyre,

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Faith Dimes. I hear we’re alike both vampires. Isn’t that cool?  I hear you live in Aurora skies. Is it pretty there? Tell me a bit about yourself when it’s your turn to write!  Let me tell you about me.

Well I live in.. Starlight Shores. My mother is a fisherlady, a gardener and a painter. I guess you could say I am a bit of a loner… aside from momma I don’t really have any friends. Hopefully a new friendship can be made here. : )  I love to write, play in the night-time! Oh, and O- positive flavored plasma juice.

What are your hobbies? Do you like the moonlight as well? I bet the sky is beautiful where you’re at. I hope you write back soon!

Sincerely your pen pal.

Faith Dimes.

As the night went by I did my homework.

Homework is hard

Homework is hard but I always get the job done. Mom painting me a new picture.


It was so pretty she hanged it up in my room while I slept. She couldn’t afford to get me nice presents so handmade will do instead.


Personally I like the handmade presents better from mommy. They come straight from her heart. But she really didn’t need to get me anything. I have everything I need…


The next morning momma tried to encourage me to eat more vegetables instead of plasma boxes.


I told momma the plants love to talk to much and I don’t really crave vegetables or fruits.

It’s bad enough that I hear animals and plants talk. Just leave me to my juice boxes. They’re all the food I’ll ever need! That way no guilt over what I am drinking.

Besides I don’t like hearing the plants talk it’s strange it really is. How come momma and I are the only ones who can hear them? Why doesn’t anyone else? This is all very odd to me.

My mom seems to be full of secrets. I sense that not even mommy is aware of all the secrets hidden deep down inside. I do try to brush it off…

Mommy is never going to get to her lifetime wish if she’s paying bills…


Momma says it’s a fee for living in the park. But why? I wish we weren’t paying bills we’re never going to get out of the park like that! So I decided to help out a bit… I caught five minnow! These ought to sell for a good price.


I celebrated on the rocking horse.

Faithplayingonthe pony


I guess living in the park did have its advantages.

TRIED TO TALK to the racoon

All the while I heard momma talking to Mister. Racoon about not knocking over our trash. Unfortunately all he did was bite momma.

but he bit me

Usually mom has a way with animals: but this one has a nasty temper.

Years went by so fast I can barely tell where they went.  Pretty soon I’ll be heading off to middle school and high school. Scary thought there are a enough mean people to deal with in elementary school! It’s only going to get worse.. I know it. I dread it. So far I only have a couple of friends….


The day before my teenage birthday, mom painting me a new picture for my birthday present.

She did do a great job on it.  The morning of my birthday is here and we bought a cake.

Blew out the candles and made one wish

I made two wishes. One was to get out of this park. My second one was for my mom to find someone who will honestly love her one day as I grow up. Maybe give me some brothers or sisters.

Aging up always felt funny…

I felt funny aging

Grew taller

(Before edit)

Before edit

(After edit)

After Edit

Rosaline’s P.O.V.

I can’t believe the time flew by so fast the same baby girl I used to cuddle, my curious little vampire,  is now a teenager.  One beautiful young lady, I wish she wasn’t such a loner.. but loner or not with those looks she’ll beating off boys with a stick. Oh boy, teen years here I come…

Just occurred to me what Life said all those years ago once Faith hits her teen years. I will know the truth. Just as well I got a message from Life telling me to meet with her tomorrow.  I sure hope.  I will get the answer I have been waiting for. Not just for my sake but for Faith’s as well.

To be continued..

Up Next: A five-part series, starting with Rosaline’s childhood.  Also Rosaline is up to $38,450 in the bank. Getting the rest of the money probably shouldn’t be to much of a problem now.

I would like to thank Piazzagirl1015 for the mention of Trevor McIntyre and the picture from her blog. Her story is here if you haven’t read it, I highly suggest you do so.

Faith’s Birthday

Another day a ahead of me

I woke up and went on to treat today like any other day.  With Faith’s birthday around the corner. To say I am nervous is a bit of a understatement. I am dreading the “Where’s daddy?”  “Why do we live in a park?” Questions not to mention those teen years coming up after that. Truth be told if I wasn’t eating life fruit I’d be an elder by now. But quite frankly I am going to keep my youth as far as I can Faith still needs me. Further more,  I can’t handle Faith’s teenage  years as an elder.

There is just no way. Especially considering there’s this mysterious visitor from my home planet. Whoever he is… I want this nipped in the bud. If he wants revenge he can come to the former Empress. Not her daughter.

I am going to need my youth. I stay firm on this.

Today we finished are lessons.

She's making progress on how to walk

She made progress on how to walk.  Tonight she got it down to a science.

After many trail and error she finally did learn to walk

If I had to rate my happiness on her learning how to walk on a scale to one to ten. My happiness would surpass ten by One thousand five hundred.

She came to me

Nothing like seeing your child’s first step on her own.

Mommy I won't eat that

Though teaching her how to talk is another. “Mommy I do-do-don-ttt.. want veg-e-tab-les.”

I want more milk!

“Ohhh.. I- I- I- milk.”

Her first sentence without stuttering is the most disturbing but I suppose all little Vamps must think like this.

Faith did learn how to speak

“I want fish blood.”

Really? This is how she thinks? I am sure it’s just the first want for plasma that’s entering her mind now that she is getting older.

She’s even using the potty on her own now.

Atleast she learned to use the potty I always hated this part

I always hated this part… I guess any parent would.


Night time feedings are the worse… “Ma-Ma.. Foooodddd!” At three in the morning.

Faith is happy with her morning bottle for now

Atleast she’s happy with the bottle for now.

Cosinging fruits vegtables paintings and fish went well

Cosigning items has been easier. I cosigned 52 apples, 75 different types of fish, 6 paintings, 45 grape bunches, 24 tomatoes, 17 cloves of garlic, 20 flame fruit.

I made $4,569 that day. Today was her last day as a toddler. I am going to miss these years. I went straight home to her.

I am going to miss these years with her.

I played with her.

I wonder if being half Omicri and half vampire will have any negative effects on Faith.

I also informed her she’s never going to get blood from her teddy.. No manner how hard she bites.

She loves the little Horsey in the park.

I had just as much fun

Truth be told I had more fun watching her. Then she had on the horsey.

I let her have some fun on the horsey

“Ride that Horse!”

I wondered to myself.. “Will being half Omicri and half vampire. Cause any confliction in the future? ” If she has any Omicri abilities in her talking to plants and animals may not be a good thing.

I often hear fish say “Please don’t eat me.” It’s almost enough to make me not want to fish. It’s the circle of life they feed us and when our bodies die and return to the earth we provide for the planet. I have to put their voices aside in order to keep on fishing.

Here to hoping she won’t think to hard about where Plasma and blood comes from. Or will she be able to put such thoughts aside? That night while napping in the rocking chair a Zombie entered the park.

But the Zombie curse left

She suddenly turned back to normal and ran off.

And she ran off

This is also happened to another one who entered my garden.

There was another zombie

Amazing he went away when I shooed him off.

Who just changed back

Life, did say we wouldn’t get hurt by zombies.  I wonder if the Zombies getting cured in a instant and leaving is a part of her power? Well I was up I went fishing.

I get more bites at night

I always did get more bites at night anyway. I fished for a good two hours and painted until morning. In other news my painting skills are getting better.

Paintings getting better

We had a small celebration that day.

Make a wish Faith

“Come on Faith make a wish.”

She seemed rather happy to age

Faith seemed rather happy to finally age up.

(Before edit.)

She grew up


Faith child.

Faith did grow up into a beautiful little girl. .. By the time those teen years hit I may need to buy a gun to keep away the many suitors.

Have no idea how but after she aged up her room her suddenly transformed.

I have no idea how Faith's room magically changed

We also got an outdoor shower.

I guess Life was right when she said she never let Faith suffer

I guess Life was right when she said she never let Faith suffer in anyway.

Faith seemed happy with it

Faith seemed to be happy.

Then again so was I…

I liked the new shower to

I slept in the rocking chair next to Faith that night.

I took a nap next to Faith that night

Thinking about many things: What will Faith’s future hold? What does my past hold? Life did say I did a great thing.. but the lust of revenge did get to my head. I still wonder does that mean.

To ask for this.. I must have really have hated myself for it to not want to remember.

The next morning I received a notification that there is now $25,659 in my bank.

A little over half way there. I have to go thank my garden and my fish in the pond.

No more celebrations for me that’s for sure.

To be continued.

Notes: I don’t have Late Night so Plasma fruits are out of the picture here. But I do have a way of getting Faith all the Plasma juice boxes she’ll need. I also figured to give them a out door shower so I won’t have to take Faith to the Gym. Needless to say Rosaline went straight for it without me directing her. (Spoilers ahead) Rosaline’s back story make me rather anxious to do for many reasons really.

She starts off with good intentions but she slowly but surely becomes more and more corrupt. So the punishment she is going threw may not fit the crime. It may actually maybe too good of a punishment for her. I feel like after people find out they may think she deserves much worse then being homeless and nearly starving at times.

But then again I may water it down some from what I had in mind. I am not sure about that yet or maybe Life herself restored things to being right again. But this is an experiment in writing for me. Can a character who has done so many evil deeds.. be redeemed? May even become likeable once more?

Especially once this character opens their eyes to what they have done wrong.. and actually wants things to be even? To pay for her crimes. To actually go threw and personally experience what she has put so many others threw.  We will see.

Her back story will be told by the time Faith is a teenager. It’ll be in five parts..  One will be Rosaline’s childhood you may need a tissue for that one. Part two her teen years. Part three her rise to power and conquering of the planet Keeva.  Part four will be her corruption and lust for revenge and her crimes. Part five will be her opening her eyes to what she has done wrong and we will see Rosaline’s near death and where she made her deal with Life.

After revealing her past and after she makes her lifetime wish. I will leave Rosaline’s fate to a vote. So Rosaline’s generation will take an interesting turn once more since I will leave what will ultimately happen to Rosaline in the hands of the readers. Since I have four or five ideas of what may and could happen to her. I really can’t make up my mind about it.

Her final fate will be up in a poll. Once all is written and done.

After so long of looking I may just take Oasis Landing and remake it for the Planet Keeva since I can’t find an alien world on the exchange. Or I may tell this all in text. Erm, sorry for the longish talk here at the end but anyway. I hope you enjoyed this chapter and what is next to come. Thank you everyone for reading.

Snaping on Life.


So I decided to meet Life at the Starlight shores cemetery. Who knew it was so fancy?

I was hoping she’d be there. Say what I may will about Life… but one thing is for sure she was a woman of her word.


“The rules have slightly changed for you..” Life said to me in a kind manner. I had a glimmer of hope..

Maybe she’s letting me free.


“There has been a change in this universe or maybe the ‘matrix’ as some of you may put it. But you can now put your fruits, vegetables, fish and even paintings up for consignment now.  This way you’ll catch far higher prices. Maybe even make your goal a bit sooner.”

My hope just faded and quickly turned to anger. Did I hear right? She’s just lifting some bans. THAT’S IT? Really.



“Ha! This is what you wanted to tell me in person?!” My anger and mouth just got me in more trouble then I realized.




Life started up again, “If you just let me finish”





“First off Rosaline you should calm the hell down and let me finish what I have to say. Secondly Faith is not going to be the one suffering, I would never let that happen to her. The last thing is you asked ME for a second chance.. You asked me for justice for the mess YOU made. You asked me to make sure you suffer the fate, that you have inflicted on so many.”

“Yeah, sure, what the hell ever…” I scoffed like I’d inflict anybody with this nightmare.



“You listen to me Rosaline Imelda Dimes. Your main goals right now should be raising Faith, and making your life time wish. Answers will come later. I was going to warn you of the future to come and I was going to tell you more about your race: but I see you much rather tell me off and complain when you should be more focused on making the situation better.  You were more then resourceful in the past and you can be now.  I see you made it to $13,758 quite feat for just doing things from a regular market.”



I was just silent for a while, she was right all I did was complain. But she put me here! What if I really did ask for this? Then I shouldn’t have been exploding on her but what if I am an innocent victim? Why would Life be so cruel if that was the case? She seems so kind.. there was a bit of goodness? Something that just radiated from her.. almost as if she cares.

“I am sorry for exploding after-all you didn’t let Faith suffer. It would just help… if I knew who I was….”


“First of all Rosaline you should stop letting your emotions rule over your head. Take time and think about the things you say before you say them.  I can tell you this much about who you were Rosaline. You were born not of this world but on a planet named Keeva. The race of your people are called the Omicri.”

“So I am really not from Earth….”


“No, you are not. Why else do you think you can communicate so well with nature? Talking to flowers, trees, animals all part of the Omicri’s natural abilities.”



“What did I do so wrong on Keeva?”

“I think you should focus on Faith a bit more before I divulge that information Rosaline.  I will leave you with a few details that,  I suppose couldn’t hurt.  You had sad beginnings, but you done something no other woman has ever done on your planet.  You could have been great but the power and the lust of revenge got to your head. Many people suffered for it.   I am sorry Rosaline that’s all I can tell you for now.”

“I see… But I am no genius… or leader….”

“You wanted to take the personality adjuster before going through your acts of redemption.  So I granted you that much.”



“One cannot change the past Rosaline. We can only do what we can to make the present and future better.  If you knew more you would be to focus on it. So please, go back home to your daughter and concentrate on her and making your fortune.”


“What was this warning about the future?”

“When Faith is older… there will be this visitor from your home-world. Faith being a vampire is a good thing she can defend herself well. This man he wants to hurt you worse than anything he may use Faith to do it. I am forewarning you because Faith does not need to be betrayed and used in such a manner she is such a good soul. By the time of Faith’s teenage birthday I will tell you more.”

“How much more?”

“Everything, from your bad start, to your rise of power, to the life and near death of Empress Rosaline Dimes. But right now go home to your daughter she needs you. I will be leaving you now…”


andjustlike that she was gone

Just like that she was gone… I went home to Faith immediately.

She comforts me more then I do her. I am sad to say

Life was right two things. Faith should be my one concern in my life. Secondly I can’t change the past: but I can do everything to make the future better.


Making the future better for Faith and myself is exactly what I am going to do…