More Rules. Less Answers

I hate sleeping on this bench

Nightfall came, I am glad I am a light sleeper. On one hand I can be alerted if a burglar tried to mug me for what little I have. On the other,  I wake up to Raccoons dumping the dumpster pretty easily to.

I get racoon trouble every morning

I decided to pick it all up and go back to rest.

I hate sleeping on this bench

The next morning I discover that same Raccoon just dumped it over again.

The racoon knock over everything in the morning

What’s was the point bothering to begin with?  In other news I went straight to work on my small garden.

Watering plants

I see whoever left me the two apple trees but there was also wild Lettuces and watermelon growing here as well.  The plants were wilted, but perhaps with some water they can thrive again.

Fishing took awhile

I also went fishing. Maybe I’ll catch something good to eat. Or to sell? This pond seemed to be full of fish maybe I’ll make my fortune this way.

I caught a minnow

I caught a little minnow on my first try.

Fishing took awhile

Many tries later I caught a toad.

I caught a nice toad

Apples were good bait for minnows and goldfish.

Apples catch gold fish

They were also good midnight snacks to ward away hunger.

Apple to eat in the middle of the night

I have to face facts I am not getting good sleep on a bench. I am always, waking up with a sore back.

Sold my fish at the store

The next morning. Thank you for free cab services in this town! I sold my fish at the market for a decent 25 dollars.

I went to back to the dumpsters. Maybe I’ll find something worth selling? Or maybe something that will help me later on. People are always throwing away good stuff.

I swear L won't stop leaving me message

Right before I went looking I got a call from an unknown source. I chose to ignore it. Whoever is putting me threw this nightmare can come to me themselves instead of hiding behind a phone.


Maybe I'll find something of use

Since I was already dirty way not dig my way threw the trash. I can get a free shower at the Gym after this is all over.

I already stink. Dumpster diving don't make it any worse

On my first try I managed to find a phone and a desk.

I already stink. Dumpster diving don't make it any worse

Second try I found a small chair.

When I finally got to the gym, I decided to answer the phone. They won’t stop calling.

My phone always said unknown sorcue

Why is she so strict

“Who are you? What do you want?”  I demanded to know. Oh, how I hate that woman’s voice and her answer.

“Just call me Life sweetheart. Do not sell what you find in the trash make use of it. Those are the rules.”

“Then how I am supposed to make money?!” I demanded.

“Sell half your crops from the garden. Sell your paintings. Sell the fish you catch. These are things you must do to earn your $50,000. No buying lottery tickets either or I’ll drop your bank account right back to $0. ”


“No selling anything you find in the trash or I’ll drop your current money back to zero.”

“Why are you doing this to me?”

“You done it to yourself. This is your punishment. This your chance at redemption.”

“For what? What I have done so horrible?”

“This is not the time for those answers.” The phone clicked.

This L woman sure is bossy!

The nerve of that woman. Playing god over me for a crime.. I don’t even know about.

How can I even to trust what this woman “Life” is even telling me.

I shower in the gym

At-least I’ll get cleaned up for tonight.

Sleeping here is better

Plus a good-nights rest at the pool. This chair is more comfortable then my bench that’s for sure.

The next day I put the desk, the phone, and the chair.. in the park. Didn’t want to chance “Life’s” threats by selling them.

Now I have a chair and a lamp.

..Well now I have another place to sit and think.  The next morning seemed better.

I sold this painting for another 40

This one somehow sold for a nice $40.00.  The next one wasn’t as good.

I'm not the most artistic type

Somehow this one sold for 50

But shockingly I sold it for a good $32.00

I sold this one for 32 dollars

I celebrated by buying some grapes. Something a little different from having apples and lettuce all the time.

I bought grapes for vairty

I am glad for wild lettcus

I went right back to the park after my grape meal and worked on my garden more.

Got a letter from L

I received a letter and some seeds in the mail one morning.

Dear Rosaline,

I see you have been keeping up to your end of the deal. That’s good,  very good. I am glad to see you got to your first level in gardening. Being a green thumb that task was probably pretty easy for you! To be a little more kind to you I have enclosed some seeds a couple of apple, a lettuce seed, tomato seeds, and some grape. I hope you put them to good use.

Love you always.


P.s: Burn this letter after reading. We must not have the humans, vampires, witches, or any other earthlings knowing about this.

“If you love me so much. You’d get me out of this park.” I grumbled to myself.  ‘Earthlings?’ a clue within itself.. Where am I from? If not earth. Or is this apart of some very elaborate prank?

While thinking about this. I planted those seeds.

Appearntly I am pretty good at gardening

I am slowly but surely getting better at gardening

I seem to have a knack for gardening. Maybe I am a green thumb after all.

Sold my fish at the store

Within a few days time I took some more fish to be sold at the store. Since the Consignment shop won’t sell my fish.

I freaked out maybe because of the full moon. Maybe because i can't take this

I don’t know if it was the effects of the full moon. Or the stress of this “Mission/punishment.”  But I just had to scream and let it all out.

I now had a couple of hundred in the bank though. I don’t care if this knocks down the amount from my $50,000 goal. But I bought myself a sleeping bag. I am not sleeping well on that bench.

I took 100 and bought a sleeping bag

The more sleep I get. The more well rested I become. I will become more productive.  Maybe money will come faster, if I got more rest.

Atleast now I have a better place to sleep

Perhaps tomorrow will bring more hope… more money, more food. I just have to have faith that things will get better.

To be continued.


5 thoughts on “More Rules. Less Answers

  1. Life is certainly taking a toll on her. Well at least we know more. I just worry about her plants on the full moon, zombies. Keeping my fingers crossed they won’t eat her plants.


    • Thanks for reading : ) . No I do not have seasons infact they’re are a lot of expansion pack I don’t have. I don’t have, ambitions, seasons, university life, Island paradise, Night Life… Yeah, that’s what I don’t own. So she’ll have easier time with no Paparazzi around, and no winter. Atleast she has that going for her lol..


  2. Goodness! More rules! Yeah, you can make easy money from dumpster diving so I guess Life wants her to make her money by the sweat of her back. I love the dumpster diving interaction. It just cracks me up. LOL. Anyway, I don’t blame her for grumbling. Life isn’t being kind to her right now. Well, on to chapter 3. 🙂


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