Don’t Rain on My parade!


I always wake up hungry

I woke up the next morning hungry. Thankfully, I had apples to rely on as food. Right after eating my small breakfast of two apples I went straight to work.

Painting later in the day

I think I am getting better at painting.

I sold this one for over 100

Well I sold this one for over 90 dollars. I am not sure who’d want it but.. I’ll take any money I can get!

I planted more seeds

I planted more seeds that night. Hoping for a better crop.

Rainbow Trout that's new

I also went fishing before going retiring for the night. I caught good size Rainbow trout.

Ate up

Thankfully I had apples for late night hunger attacks.


I had sweet dream that night


Don’t know why I keep hoping for a better tomorrow. Everyday seems the same old mundane routine. I’ll never make it to my $50,000 goal like this.

I find myself so lonely I am talking to the trees

Some mornings I find myself talking to trees. I must be getting awful lonely or desperate to do such a thing.  The weirdest part of all: I swear they’re answering back. I don’t know why but I just hear answers in my head. I must be insane.

Since when did a tree ask for more water? Or Fish fertilizer? In actual words. Huh.. so odd.

I am slowly but surely getting

I went to work on my next painting.

I am getting better

This seems to be the one yet!

This is my best one yet

I sold this one for a good $200 dollars. I had over five hundred in my bank.

Went fishing first thing in the morning

After fishing a bit more and harvesting from the garden.

I went to the store to sell half my crops and all of my fish.

Sold for 241

I sold it all for $241.00 dollars, now let’s add that to my previous 556. To equals to $797.00 this a cause for celebration in my opinion.

I went to the closest club I can find.

I went to a club to celebrate my 796 dollar mark

I wonder why it only had two people. But I didn’t care. I went to straight to that D.J booth and had a go at it.

I started to sing to music

I played some Dub-step. Needless to say I was having fun for once.


I started to sing to music

I even started to sing a bit. “My name is Roasline and I am not a half bad dancer! Rosaline is moving to the groove now.” Even if it sounded silly and out of tune I still had fun. Best yet no booed me away!

All this came to a flying halt, after she called.

Then she called.

After hearing her voice, I didn’t care what Life had to say. I am going to give her a piece of my mind.

YOU'RE NOT going to ruin my one night of happiness

“Listen you! You made me homeless, I am dirty most of the time. I am lonely. Half afraid of being eaten by Zombies. You make up these ridiculous rules. You say it’s for a crime. I am not even sure I committed! Nor do I know what this crime is.”


“NO. I am going to have fun tonight and you can’t stop me. I am entitled to a break lady.”

“I wasn’t going to-“

“I don’t care what you have to say.  You can’t tell me what to do tonight. “

I hung up quickly and went back to the music. I don’t care this Life person, can come to me herself if she has such a problem with me.

One thing is for sure I love playing Dubstep

I went home after closing hours

I left the club after closing hours and went back to my park. Maybe tomorrow will bring something new, and more interesting to my life. Maybe tomorrow I won’t be so lonely. There’s always tomorrow. I remind myself.

I had sweet dream that night

Perhaps I’ll wake up to a better day.

To be continued..


5 thoughts on “Don’t Rain on My parade!

  1. Uh oh. Maybe she shouldn’t have hung up on Life, but I can’t blame her. She’s suffering and doesn’t know what she did that was so wrong. Hopefully something really good can happen to her real soon.

    On to the next part.


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