Most days anymore I feel like I could never make it to $50,000 goal.

Watermellon is a goodnights snack

I wake up often in the middle of the night due to hunger. I sleep away so many hours away that could be put to good use.

The tree told me alot

So I talked to my only friend the tree….

I know it may sound crazy. But I swear she’s answering back! Yes I said she… The apple tree explained alot to me.

Like how all tress die and they would appreciate once they are gone for us humans the replant from one the fruits she has given us humans for nutrition for so very long.

She also asked me to give her a name.

I called the tree Velma.

Velma explained that she hasn’t heard of anyone else speaking to plants in her life. That trees call out for help and people never listen.

I felt bad for her, yes the tree… But I did promise once she dies. I will replant one or two of the apples from her tree to honor her memory.

..Then one day it happened.

Velma died

While picking fruits she passed on.

I mourned the lost

I know this may sound silly to rest of you hearing my thoughts and feelings. But I mourned Velma, like a person would a dear friend or family member.

I didn’t care if Velma was a tree.. She was there for me in hours of loneliness and nourished me in times of great hunger.

I still planting different veggies

So I did the proper thing as promised and planted a apple that came from her in the same spot she had grown.

When a sprout came up I named him, yes, him..  Daruka a name meaning tree. I don’t know how… I know that fact.

Maybe something from my past? Who knows.

My painting was getting better

In other news my painting skill has been getting higher.

My new sprout  Daruka said humans would go to something called a Elixir store to find ways to get great amounts of energy.

So I went.

I bough a

At first I thought it was that comfortable rocking chair!

The elixir store rocking chair!

Who can blame me? It was a really great chair. Plus I was in desperate need of sleep.

But later after talking to the cashier.

Inv elixir


I learned it was something called invigoration potion she sold me two vials was all they had left.

I just felt energy take over!


First night was great! I painted and planted all night long.

Then felt the burn of tiredness later….


I am so glad I had two of them.


Glad I had two

If only Life would mail me some of this stuff my goal will be met sooner!


I found two unknown seeds

Several days later I found two ‘Unknown seeds’ since my gardening skill was high enough I planted them.


So I planted them

As you can see my now three beautiful apples trees in the back. Lavern, Darkua, and Shirley. I wonder where I keep getting these names.

Years went by and something I should have calculated happened.


On night my birth day came

I aged.

That very morning I was mad, no outraged with myself! 20 years and only 3,000 in the bank! How could I be so slow?

Later on in the day while fishing I got a call.

Life called so I heard her out

So I decided to hear her out.

Till she mentioned procreation. Then I lost it. I snapped.



“It’s ENOUGH that I am going threw this nightmare. I am NOT going to put a child threw this act of ‘Redemption’ as you call it.”

“Well Rosaline if it makes you feel any better this poor soul does need to be born-“

“What the hell are you Life the Grim Reaper?”

I got what I swear was a sarcastic response. But she sounded so serious.

“It’s bad enough you know my husband on first name bases. Keep him out of our deal.”

“You don’t have control over souls.”

“Well actually-“

“No I am not hearing of it. Goodbye Life. If that is your name.” I promptly hung up. I am not going a put a child threw this it’s selfish and stupid in my opinion.

A couple more years went by and I reached my $5,000 mark.

This was a cause for a celebration.

I love the free cab service

I am going to have a night and a day out on the town! I am going to have more fun then I ever had in twenty years.

To be continued…

Next up: A party!




8 thoughts on “Hopeless…

  1. Why, oh Why do I get the feeling the her night out may just have some unexpected consequences ? Why do I think Life is going to interfere without poor Rosaline’s permission?

    On another note, Love the names she is giving her trees 🙂


    • Her night out will lead to something alright : ). Life is going to let things happen… although she was going to warn her about something but Rosaline interrupted now. Thank you for reading.


  2. for one thing Rosaline is in tune with nature, something tells me there is more going on than we know about. LOL Laverne and Shirley! Love it! Next two should be Lenny and Squiggy or Fonzie and Richie. You just brought back some good memories for me

    Ok back to the story, so we know there is something going on with good ole grim and it sounds like Life is a little jealous. The plot thickens a bit. Can’t wait for more 🙂


    • I am glad you like the names! : ) the Fonz is diffidently going to be the money tree lol… I loved happy days. Watched reruns when I was younger. Not necessarily jealously, Rosaline did commit a crime on her home world… who knows how big and how many times she has met ol Grimmy. Thank you for reading.


  3. man I don’t know how you do it! That whole starting from scratch thing I could never do. Yay for her making her goal of $5000. A night out to celebrate…don’t drink too much juice Rose, that leads to bad things.


  4. “That very morning I was mad, no outraged with myself! 20 years and only 3,000 in the bank! How could I be so slow?” ROFL She’s doing well, she has to learn to look the brighter side, she is ONLY 20!


  5. Oh man! I wonder if I smell an affair with Grimmy that Life got jealous over. If so, payback sure is a bitch.

    Something tells me her night on the town is going to have some unexpected consequences.

    Congrats on the 5K goal. Hopefully she can make it to 50K. She’s not getting any younger.

    Off to read the next part.


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