New Romance and A surprise.

I never should have went out! I should have just stayed home. Oh, where do I begin? Let’s start with my night of fun huh? As a good start as any.

Darn fairy tried to trick me!

At first I met this fairy who tried to pull a fairy trick on me.

But it backfired!

But luckily it back fired. He whoever he was copped an attitude.

Whoa don't get mad at me dude

Hey not my fault your trick failed dude.

But he was the least of my worries to be honest. But I promptly went to the Karaoke bar and started to sing.

I believe in magic

“I shot the sheriff. But I didn’t shoot no deputy…”

I sang

“They’re tryin’ to track me down;
They say they want to bring me in guilty
For the killing of a deputy,
For the life of a deputy.
But I say:

Oh, now, now. Oh!”

I have no idea why this song excited me so much.. the thought of guns did the same… was I really that bad? I shook off the thought and continued with the song.

I don't know there were just sparkes flying

When I was done singing I met the worse my mistake of my life!

His name? Charles Windfall. I am ashamed to say I felt an instant connection with him.

He bought me some drinks. We played some pool..although it was just an excuse for me to check out his…..well you know. Well it’s not lady like to say. Then again, I don’t know if I was ever lady like in  the past or not…

I was checking out his assets.

Charles Windfall

There was just something about this vampire…

Oh why am I doing this

That made me..  just go for it.

Looking back on this why

This affair didn’t stop here. In the following weeks I came home rather happy.

I'd come home happier

Less stressed while keeping care of my garden.

I even attended my garden in this dress

My money tree who asked me to call him Fonzie. Said I shouldn’t fall for that no good losers lies.

I should have listened to the Fonz… He is a wise money tree.

I let him feed off me.

We often met at the Gym. I would offer up my own plasma.

We also had fun in the movie theater

Also done naughty things back stage of the movie theater.

He seemed to never want to take me back to his place. When I inquired why.. He said he had a snobbish sister who wouldn’t approve of him dating a human.

Oh..why did I believe him? Why did I say you shouldn’t let your family push you around. I didn’t know he was lying.

Life stay out of my business

Even Life called me trying to warn me. But I didn’t listen to say in the least…

But I obiviously never listen.

One night I got sick…

I threw up

Then while painting and I had felt presences within me…another soul.

I realized I was pregnant while painting

I had to call Charles maybe… He’ll take the baby and put a roof over the little ones head? Hopefully.

I had to tell him

So I called him. But I got what I thought was his sister.

You're his what!

“Well nice to meet you Cindy can I talk to your brother?”

“Charles isn’t my brother he’s my husband.”

“He’s you’re what?!”  This is when things went from bad to worse.

To be continued…

Up next: A break up, and a baby.  I was originally hoping she’d go for the fairy man but she didn’t show attraction toward him. Then I decided to let her pick out from all my premade sims I put in Starlight Shores. She showed the most attraction toward Charles Windfall the town casanova lol.. So I went with it.  It took seven tries with the “Try for a baby’ option before she got pregnant though. So the affair went on for five sim days.


9 thoughts on “New Romance and A surprise.

  1. Heyyyyy! Rosaline you should have listened to the Fonz, he is always correctumdo 🙂
    Well I hope she sends that dirtbag packing and just for fun make sure his wife finds out what he did. Sue him for child support and make him take a DNA test! Than let his wife take him to the cleaners.

    Interesting choice of songs, if I remember correctly, the sheriff was shot in self defense for simply not liking a person. Is this a metaphor for the story? I guess we will find out 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. dun…dun…dun…and the plot thickens. She’s been having an affair with a married man. Boy oh Boy wonder how Cindy is about to react to this.

    Can’t wait til the next update!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Tee hee. Someone’s been watching Happy Days. 🙂 Gotta love those old shows. Nothing beats ’em. 🙂 Yep, Rosaline, you should’ve listened to the Fonz. He’s one cool cat. So, she finds out that her squeeze is MARRIED and she’s homeless AND preggers! Man, can things get any worse? This poor girl has had it rough. I sure hope things turn around for her soon.

    Off to read the next part.


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