Have A Little Faith.

You're his what!

Over the following months I have been talking Cindy on the phone. We even met in person once.. I was shocked to learn that she and Charles had been married 100 years had five children together.

I really felt bad for that fairy. She’s a kind woman.  She didn’t deserve to be cheated on.

But she told me she kicked out Charles and won most of everything in the divorce settlement.

Charles was now living with another girlfriend named Meredith. Apparently Cindy and myself hasn’t been the only women he has been with.

Thankfully I had myself checked out by the hospital no diseases and the baby was healthy. That was two things to be thankful for.

I tried to figure out everything in my head

Over the duration of my pregnancy I have been tending my garden. Talking to my plants n such.. just wanting to be away from the outside world.

I even received a letter from Life, explaining just because I have to suffer. Doesn’t mean the baby will have to. It won’t be much but she will have something the day the little one is born.

I scoffed like Life was going to help me any with anything.  I have little to no faith in that woman.

He gave me custody papers signing away his rights

I called over Charles despite it all he had a right to know about his baby and I have to break things off face to face despite my anger. I have to remain calm for the sake of the baby.

Life told me to keep calm my “People” don’t do well with pregnancy and stress. Whatever that means…

He has no business being angry!

He blew up at me!

“HOW DARE YOU!” I snapped back, “I am carrying YOUR child and I am homeless. You’re the one angry? Go back to Meredith, or Zelda, or whoever your shacking up with.  We are fine without you.”

Fine just go!

“HOW am I even supposed to know this is mine Rosaline? You seemed pretty fast and easy at that.”

Before I could comment back.

“What do you call a woman who would bed someone she has known for less then a day?”

I felt defeated. True, I was a little in the wrong for a random hook up. But he was more in the wrong for failing to tell me he was married and letting this carry on for weeks. Hell with it, I don’t need him and I don’t need his support.

I am glad his wife took him to the cleaners!

He left.. I had to laugh Cindy took the sports car in the settlement. He has ride a bike home while burnt up. Good for Cindy!

I have no idea where to get a crib or baby supplies. I painted while thinking about this situation.

I painted to ease my pain

I rather liked this one.. it sold for $140.00

I rather liked this painting

I ate alot of life fruit during this pregnancy.

A life fruit a day keeps grimmy away

As they say.. “A life fruit a day help keeps Grimmy and old age away.”

I was in a jam

I must admit I was in jam with no way out. Cindy did offer to help and was almost tempted to take it but I changed my mind at the last minute. I have no idea why. But somehow suffering like this was probably good for my soul.

I had to sleep

Every-time I went to sleep, I had dreams.. horrible, horrible dreams. Of blood and gore, starving people on the street. “No more of this Rosaline.”  Is what I heard before waking up.

Some nights I even cried.

What’s wrong with me? I would ask myself.

I went into labor

I went into labor that very minute.

If Charles was here I'd have a wooden

I opted for a “Home birth” I was afraid of what the doctor would do if I went to the hospital. If Charles was here I’d put a wooden steak threw the heart! No not his heart! Think lower!

Then I blacked out… I have no idea what happened but there was a pink bundle by my feet.

I just have to have faith

I immediately picked up the baby girl and snuggled her.  ‘Look behind you.’ Said the voice of Life in my head.

A nursery appeared a letter from Life

It wasn’t much. Just four walls, a roof, a crib and a rocking chair.

It's not much

But atleast it was a roof over her head. I just have to hope for a better tomorrow. To have faith that things will get better.

Faith has helped me through the hardest times in my life.

So that’s what I decided to call her Faith.

To be continued..

Note: Faith was born with the good and loner traits and yes she’s a vampire. I hope everyone likes this chapter.  I always felt like Life wouldn’t let her baby suffer. This soul has done nothing wrong yet. Living homeless is Rosaline’s acts for redemption to suffer threw. I hope nobody minds the four wall cheap as dirt nursery lol. I was so close to naming this baby hope but the name Faith sounded better. Thank you everyone for reading.  There was supposed to be more with Charles and his wife but the game kept resetting everybody once I visited anyone. So I just had to stick to what little was able to get pictures of.


5 thoughts on “Have A Little Faith.

  1. Faith…very fitting name!
    LOL Charles he’s been a busy man and he had some nerve trying to call her out on her behavior. IT TAKES TWO TO TANGO CHARLES!!!!! UGH no good cheating bastard! Glad he got kicked out!

    I can’t wait to see Faith as she grows and I’m glad Life didn’t make the baby suffer. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You go Cindy, take that SOB to the cleaners. I can’t believe Charles tried to blame Rosaline, what a cheating bastard he is.

    Well I’m glad that life has a heart and she has a roof over her head. Love the name Faith it is beautiful and I can’t wait to see her grow 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Love this chapter.

    “As they say.. “A life fruit a day help keeps Grimmy and old age away.””

    Loved this. Had me laughing.

    Then you threw out this one:

    “Every-time I went to sleep, I had dreams.. horrible, horrible dreams. Of blood and gore, starving people on the street. “No more of this Rosaline.” Is what I heard before waking up.

    Some nights I even cried.”

    Man what on sim-earth did Roseline do. She is worrying me now. Just how bad was BAD??

    But Life at least came through, a little place for the little girl. Even mom can hide in there. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  4. “What do you call a woman who would bed someone she has known for less then a day?” Well… it needs two, doesn’t it? He did the same thing and it’s ok? Only because he’s a man? Keep dreaming, Charlies!
    Beautiful name, Faith!


  5. Man! Charles is one piece of work! He has some nerve. I cracked up seeing him on his bike and burning. Serves him right. 🙂

    Awww, Faith. Lovely and fitting name. I’m glad she has a roof over her head. Nope, not much of a nursery but I’m sure they will make due. Looking forward to seeing how Rosaline does with motherhood.

    Game glitches…ugh. Sometimes you just can’t get all the shots you want, but having the text do the work is perfectly fine and needed at times. 🙂


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