Baby Faith

Faith is a sweet and quiet baby.

Faith is a good and quite baby

Except for whenever she’s hungry, needs a diaper change, or she’s lonely. Then she cry louder then anyone I have ever met. Boy does she have a set a lungs on her.

Except for when hunger or diaper changing stirkes of course

But I am always there for my little girl regardless.

This time she was just lonely but I was there

 I play with her every chance I get

I am very attentive to all her needs. I am also grateful that baby formula has no cost to it on this planet.

Late night feedings

Days turned to months.. eventually the time came for my little Faith had to age up.

I reached over 9,000 dollars today

So I bought a birthday cake after selling half of my crops and fish.

I have over 9 grand now.  But no big celebrations. That’s the last thing the both of us need.

The day of her birthday came

I made a wish for both of us

I made a wish for the both of us. For one day for us both to have a nice home to call our own.

She aged up

She aged up.

Bouns 1

There was no denying Charles is the father. Faith looks alot like him. But those are diffidently my eyes.

I hope she doesn't hurt self trying to suck blood out of the bear

As time went by Faith’s vampire habits became more and more pronounced… trying to suck the ‘blood’ out of her teddy bear’s neck disturbed me a little to much.

Have to water the garden

I still had a garden to tend to.

Time to get started

My garden is getting so large now. I also have enough life fruit to keep away old age for a good long while! In truth I should be selling them they’re worth $64.00 a piece.

She has my eyes

I always take time to be with Faith, although she’s such a calm baby. Not even freaked out by the claw.

Try to do motherly things

She was rather calm about the claw until it got her.

But she sure can laugh when tickled!

So glad she’s still young enough for milk. I need to buy cooler stocked with plasma soon enough!

Baby milk is cheap

Faith is more comforting to me then I am to her….. She stops me from crying.

She comforts me more then I do her. I am sad to say

No cell phone till you're older

Teaching her how to talk is something else.

“No cell phone until your a teen. Can you say Cell Phone?”

Mommy needs coffee

“That’s how we say tooth brush!”

Lady Bug

“Very good that’s how we say Lady Bug.”

I'll get you a computer one day

I promise to get you a computer when you’re old enough.

Yes that's how you say cook

“You could be a great cook. Like Agatha Burnbright.”

She fast leaner

“One day you’ll grow up and get a high paying job.”

Later that night I called a baby sitter.  I had to get out of the park and sell some vegetables and fruits.

I had to leave Faith with a baby sitter tonight

Sold my crop making it to 10,000

Did it! Made to $10,000….

Still long ways to go.

Need to take a shower

Went to the gym for a quick shower.

When I got back Faith was still asleep.

Thankfully Faith slept threw the night

The baby sitter did a good enough job.

I still recieve letters from life

Later I got a letter from Life asking me to meet her in the Cemetery…. wonder what ever for? To make things worse? Better? What? Oh, no so many questions.

To be continued…

Bonus Charles showed up randomly on Faith’s birthday.

Bonus again

Then he drove off on his bicycle before Rosaline had the chance to tell him off.

Bonus 3

Have no idea what that was about….


5 thoughts on “Baby Faith

  1. Wow, Faith is beautiful. Love the black hair with the eyes. Also love the “As time went by Faith’s vampire habits became more and more pronounced… trying to suck the ‘blood’ out of her teddy bear’s neck disturbed me a little to much.” It was priceless.

    Now, the next question is: Why does Life what to see Rosaline in the cemetery of all places??????

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Faith is a cute toddler and I loved the part with the teddy bear 🙂 $10,000 for the sale of the produce, she is getting up there but she might have to start growing some plasma fruit for Faith. Looking forward to the next update to find out what happens at the cemetery with Life.


  3. Aww Faith is a cute little girl and Rose is a good mother to her. LOL her and the teddy bear…Teething will be fun with that one. 🙂 Kinda worried about why Life wants to meet her at the graveyard. Hopefully it’s not to make things worse.


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