Faith’s Birthday

Another day a ahead of me

I woke up and went on to treat today like any other day.  With Faith’s birthday around the corner. To say I am nervous is a bit of a understatement. I am dreading the “Where’s daddy?”  “Why do we live in a park?” Questions not to mention those teen years coming up after that. Truth be told if I wasn’t eating life fruit I’d be an elder by now. But quite frankly I am going to keep my youth as far as I can Faith still needs me. Further more,  I can’t handle Faith’s teenage  years as an elder.

There is just no way. Especially considering there’s this mysterious visitor from my home planet. Whoever he is… I want this nipped in the bud. If he wants revenge he can come to the former Empress. Not her daughter.

I am going to need my youth. I stay firm on this.

Today we finished are lessons.

She's making progress on how to walk

She made progress on how to walk.  Tonight she got it down to a science.

After many trail and error she finally did learn to walk

If I had to rate my happiness on her learning how to walk on a scale to one to ten. My happiness would surpass ten by One thousand five hundred.

She came to me

Nothing like seeing your child’s first step on her own.

Mommy I won't eat that

Though teaching her how to talk is another. “Mommy I do-do-don-ttt.. want veg-e-tab-les.”

I want more milk!

“Ohhh.. I- I- I- milk.”

Her first sentence without stuttering is the most disturbing but I suppose all little Vamps must think like this.

Faith did learn how to speak

“I want fish blood.”

Really? This is how she thinks? I am sure it’s just the first want for plasma that’s entering her mind now that she is getting older.

She’s even using the potty on her own now.

Atleast she learned to use the potty I always hated this part

I always hated this part… I guess any parent would.


Night time feedings are the worse… “Ma-Ma.. Foooodddd!” At three in the morning.

Faith is happy with her morning bottle for now

Atleast she’s happy with the bottle for now.

Cosinging fruits vegtables paintings and fish went well

Cosigning items has been easier. I cosigned 52 apples, 75 different types of fish, 6 paintings, 45 grape bunches, 24 tomatoes, 17 cloves of garlic, 20 flame fruit.

I made $4,569 that day. Today was her last day as a toddler. I am going to miss these years. I went straight home to her.

I am going to miss these years with her.

I played with her.

I wonder if being half Omicri and half vampire will have any negative effects on Faith.

I also informed her she’s never going to get blood from her teddy.. No manner how hard she bites.

She loves the little Horsey in the park.

I had just as much fun

Truth be told I had more fun watching her. Then she had on the horsey.

I let her have some fun on the horsey

“Ride that Horse!”

I wondered to myself.. “Will being half Omicri and half vampire. Cause any confliction in the future? ” If she has any Omicri abilities in her talking to plants and animals may not be a good thing.

I often hear fish say “Please don’t eat me.” It’s almost enough to make me not want to fish. It’s the circle of life they feed us and when our bodies die and return to the earth we provide for the planet. I have to put their voices aside in order to keep on fishing.

Here to hoping she won’t think to hard about where Plasma and blood comes from. Or will she be able to put such thoughts aside? That night while napping in the rocking chair a Zombie entered the park.

But the Zombie curse left

She suddenly turned back to normal and ran off.

And she ran off

This is also happened to another one who entered my garden.

There was another zombie

Amazing he went away when I shooed him off.

Who just changed back

Life, did say we wouldn’t get hurt by zombies.  I wonder if the Zombies getting cured in a instant and leaving is a part of her power? Well I was up I went fishing.

I get more bites at night

I always did get more bites at night anyway. I fished for a good two hours and painted until morning. In other news my painting skills are getting better.

Paintings getting better

We had a small celebration that day.

Make a wish Faith

“Come on Faith make a wish.”

She seemed rather happy to age

Faith seemed rather happy to finally age up.

(Before edit.)

She grew up


Faith child.

Faith did grow up into a beautiful little girl. .. By the time those teen years hit I may need to buy a gun to keep away the many suitors.

Have no idea how but after she aged up her room her suddenly transformed.

I have no idea how Faith's room magically changed

We also got an outdoor shower.

I guess Life was right when she said she never let Faith suffer

I guess Life was right when she said she never let Faith suffer in anyway.

Faith seemed happy with it

Faith seemed to be happy.

Then again so was I…

I liked the new shower to

I slept in the rocking chair next to Faith that night.

I took a nap next to Faith that night

Thinking about many things: What will Faith’s future hold? What does my past hold? Life did say I did a great thing.. but the lust of revenge did get to my head. I still wonder does that mean.

To ask for this.. I must have really have hated myself for it to not want to remember.

The next morning I received a notification that there is now $25,659 in my bank.

A little over half way there. I have to go thank my garden and my fish in the pond.

No more celebrations for me that’s for sure.

To be continued.

Notes: I don’t have Late Night so Plasma fruits are out of the picture here. But I do have a way of getting Faith all the Plasma juice boxes she’ll need. I also figured to give them a out door shower so I won’t have to take Faith to the Gym. Needless to say Rosaline went straight for it without me directing her. (Spoilers ahead) Rosaline’s back story make me rather anxious to do for many reasons really.

She starts off with good intentions but she slowly but surely becomes more and more corrupt. So the punishment she is going threw may not fit the crime. It may actually maybe too good of a punishment for her. I feel like after people find out they may think she deserves much worse then being homeless and nearly starving at times.

But then again I may water it down some from what I had in mind. I am not sure about that yet or maybe Life herself restored things to being right again. But this is an experiment in writing for me. Can a character who has done so many evil deeds.. be redeemed? May even become likeable once more?

Especially once this character opens their eyes to what they have done wrong.. and actually wants things to be even? To pay for her crimes. To actually go threw and personally experience what she has put so many others threw.  We will see.

Her back story will be told by the time Faith is a teenager. It’ll be in five parts..  One will be Rosaline’s childhood you may need a tissue for that one. Part two her teen years. Part three her rise to power and conquering of the planet Keeva.  Part four will be her corruption and lust for revenge and her crimes. Part five will be her opening her eyes to what she has done wrong and we will see Rosaline’s near death and where she made her deal with Life.

After revealing her past and after she makes her lifetime wish. I will leave Rosaline’s fate to a vote. So Rosaline’s generation will take an interesting turn once more since I will leave what will ultimately happen to Rosaline in the hands of the readers. Since I have four or five ideas of what may and could happen to her. I really can’t make up my mind about it.

Her final fate will be up in a poll. Once all is written and done.

After so long of looking I may just take Oasis Landing and remake it for the Planet Keeva since I can’t find an alien world on the exchange. Or I may tell this all in text. Erm, sorry for the longish talk here at the end but anyway. I hope you enjoyed this chapter and what is next to come. Thank you everyone for reading.


4 thoughts on “Faith’s Birthday

  1. I am looking forward to finding out Rose’s past. A five part series…how exciting.

    Faith is a pretty girl, Rose is right about needing a shot gun when she hits teen years. Those questions Rose is dreading are not far off I’m sure. Faith is going to want to know why they live the way they do.


  2. Faith grew into a lovely young lady, she is very pretty and I love how life is always providing for her. I’m looking forward to finding out more about Rosaline’s back story. After those spoilers and I more curious than ever. I thought her crime was always an ends justifies the means crime.


  3. Faith is such a cute child! And Rose will indeed have to be careful when she gets a teen. At least she has the lone trait…
    I can’t wait to get to know Rose’s backstory!


  4. Awww, Faith is very pretty. 🙂 It’s great to see that Life is seeing to her and she won’t be in the same boat as Rosaline. Those questions won’t be far off and Rosaline won’t have it easy trying to answer them.

    Wow! This keeps getting better. I can’t wait to know Rosaline’s backstory. Yeah, I can relate. How do you make a character redeemable after something really awful is something we, as writers, must struggle with at times.


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