Penpals and Birthdays.

Most of this chapter will be written from Faith’s p.o.v. Hopefully I can capture her child like innocent along with a bit of vampire wisdom as they can read minds. So let’s hope I got it right.  Except for the end we will hear from Rosaline’s perspective once more. Also this takes place a few weeks after my last update when Faith aged up into childhood.

Mommy is weird…. we live in a park but I know we have over 32 grand to move with. She always said we have to wait until we make it to fifty grand. Why? So we can have something bigger? I don’t care where we move is along as I have mommy everything will be okay.

She would always hug before school telling me not to worry never to worry everything will be alright.

Why do I feel like that’s only half the truth?


Why do I feel like there is some uncertainty behind her words? Maybe it’s these silly vampire feelings, or maybe I worry for nothing.


Like always mom would take her morning nap and I would finish my morning plasma juice before school.  I dread school, so many people around. I hear people whispering about the homeless family that lives in the park. Even heard teachers talk about how I was just unwanted by my father because my mother is a tramp.

They act like I can’t hear them. They say it in low tones. But I do hear them. Those words do hurt! I just hope the dreaded social worker don’t show up. They have no reason to take me away.  I am currently making A’s! I have everything I need! No need to take me away!

The bus ride to school always seem so lonely. I have no friends around and no siblings. All have is mommy… and even she won’t be around forever. But I will. Teachers taught a class about Vampires like me. The lessons also included Vampires never die of old age.

Sometimes that bus ride seems so lonely

Will I spend forever alone? That is a scary thought. As the school day went everyone was assigned pen pals! I was so excited somebody to talk to… well write.

Dear Trevor...

Further more he’s a fellow vampire just like me! I got a picture and a name.

His name is Trevor Davis McIntyre. What to write? He’s all the way in Aurora skies…

How to start? There’s really not that much to tell about me. But I’ll guess I will try.

Hello Trevor McIntyre,

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Faith Dimes. I hear we’re alike both vampires. Isn’t that cool?  I hear you live in Aurora skies. Is it pretty there? Tell me a bit about yourself when it’s your turn to write!  Let me tell you about me.

Well I live in.. Starlight Shores. My mother is a fisherlady, a gardener and a painter. I guess you could say I am a bit of a loner… aside from momma I don’t really have any friends. Hopefully a new friendship can be made here. : )  I love to write, play in the night-time! Oh, and O- positive flavored plasma juice.

What are your hobbies? Do you like the moonlight as well? I bet the sky is beautiful where you’re at. I hope you write back soon!

Sincerely your pen pal.

Faith Dimes.

As the night went by I did my homework.

Homework is hard

Homework is hard but I always get the job done. Mom painting me a new picture.


It was so pretty she hanged it up in my room while I slept. She couldn’t afford to get me nice presents so handmade will do instead.


Personally I like the handmade presents better from mommy. They come straight from her heart. But she really didn’t need to get me anything. I have everything I need…


The next morning momma tried to encourage me to eat more vegetables instead of plasma boxes.


I told momma the plants love to talk to much and I don’t really crave vegetables or fruits.

It’s bad enough that I hear animals and plants talk. Just leave me to my juice boxes. They’re all the food I’ll ever need! That way no guilt over what I am drinking.

Besides I don’t like hearing the plants talk it’s strange it really is. How come momma and I are the only ones who can hear them? Why doesn’t anyone else? This is all very odd to me.

My mom seems to be full of secrets. I sense that not even mommy is aware of all the secrets hidden deep down inside. I do try to brush it off…

Mommy is never going to get to her lifetime wish if she’s paying bills…


Momma says it’s a fee for living in the park. But why? I wish we weren’t paying bills we’re never going to get out of the park like that! So I decided to help out a bit… I caught five minnow! These ought to sell for a good price.


I celebrated on the rocking horse.

Faithplayingonthe pony


I guess living in the park did have its advantages.

TRIED TO TALK to the racoon

All the while I heard momma talking to Mister. Racoon about not knocking over our trash. Unfortunately all he did was bite momma.

but he bit me

Usually mom has a way with animals: but this one has a nasty temper.

Years went by so fast I can barely tell where they went.  Pretty soon I’ll be heading off to middle school and high school. Scary thought there are a enough mean people to deal with in elementary school! It’s only going to get worse.. I know it. I dread it. So far I only have a couple of friends….


The day before my teenage birthday, mom painting me a new picture for my birthday present.

She did do a great job on it.  The morning of my birthday is here and we bought a cake.

Blew out the candles and made one wish

I made two wishes. One was to get out of this park. My second one was for my mom to find someone who will honestly love her one day as I grow up. Maybe give me some brothers or sisters.

Aging up always felt funny…

I felt funny aging

Grew taller

(Before edit)

Before edit

(After edit)

After Edit

Rosaline’s P.O.V.

I can’t believe the time flew by so fast the same baby girl I used to cuddle, my curious little vampire,  is now a teenager.  One beautiful young lady, I wish she wasn’t such a loner.. but loner or not with those looks she’ll beating off boys with a stick. Oh boy, teen years here I come…

Just occurred to me what Life said all those years ago once Faith hits her teen years. I will know the truth. Just as well I got a message from Life telling me to meet with her tomorrow.  I sure hope.  I will get the answer I have been waiting for. Not just for my sake but for Faith’s as well.

To be continued..

Up Next: A five-part series, starting with Rosaline’s childhood.  Also Rosaline is up to $38,450 in the bank. Getting the rest of the money probably shouldn’t be to much of a problem now.

I would like to thank Piazzagirl1015 for the mention of Trevor McIntyre and the picture from her blog. Her story is here if you haven’t read it, I highly suggest you do so.


5 thoughts on “Penpals and Birthdays.

  1. Sweet update. What a loving little girl. She and her mother are very close.
    That painting is super pretty and so is she. She really may become very popular vary fast once the boys notice her.
    I hope Rosaline get’s the rest of the money quickly and I am super curious what Life has to say!


  2. aww…Faith. Poor girl people talking about her it’s so sad. Those years are rough already it doesn’t help that she has more reason to be made fun of. I’m glad she found a friend in her pen pal. At least she had someone to write to.

    The truth…been waiting on this can’t wait to find out how Rose ended up like this.


  3. Oh I can’t wait for this meeting with Life and looking forward to the next 5 chapters as I am dying to find out what happened to Rosaline.

    I felt so sorry for Faith, kids can be really cruel. Its hard enough for these children who are different to fit in when all they do is get teased. Luckily she made a really nice pen pal who really wants to be her friend and I have a feeling he might respond.


  4. So sad that Faith must pay the consequences of her mother being homeless… And so ironic that they must be homeless although her mother actually has enough money to rent a house.
    I hope this meeting with Life will at least explain what this is necessary.


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