Childhood Years.

Warning: This chapter contains the following: mentions of rape and child neglect.

Notes: Only part of this chapter will be told from Rosaline’s P.O.V.  I hope you read the quick need to know so you know what’s what here. I will be using Riverview for the planet Keeva.

I had to say goodbye to my daughter. Life said what I am about to embark on will be three day journey into the truth.


I hope Faith will be okay while I am away.  Life assured me no harm will come to her while I am gone. I have no choice to trust Life on her word. She has been honest so far. Why would she lie now?

“Mom one thing I don’t understand. Why must you leave?”

Should I tell Faith? I just told her the first thing that came out of my head.

“Faith, sweetheart I have to leave.. in order to learn.”

“Learn what?”

“Just things about myself. Information I need to know. I am sorry Faith.. I can’t tell you much more.”


Faith held me into a tight hug. “Come back safe mom.”

“I will and no wild parties while I am gone.”

Faith gave a light laugh.. “No.. No, I would never.” My daughter shuddered.. “To many people.”

“Not everyone is bad. But seriously no wild parties.” The fact that she wants to be alone all the time is quite disturbing to me…. She should be out there socializing more.


Just like that I was teleported away after one last goodbye to Faith.


There I was in front of Life herself in a instant.


I shook her hand and briefly wondered why did she summon me to this house….


“What’s with all the nectar? We’re going to get drunk as you tell me the history of my life?” I laughed.


Life gave me a serious look. “No, this isn’t nectar at all it’s memory water. Each of these glasses contains some part of your life.”

I was barely holding keeping in my laughter.. Water brings back memories? Really? HA.

“I am not going to tell you per-say.. more like you’re going to watch your life. Bit by bit.”

“I see.”

“I am going to there by you the whole time. I must warn you had a very sad start into your life…”


Here goes nothing. Next thing I know I am out of it…


With Life standing over me.


Next thing know I am sitting in a garden….

End of Rosaline’s P.O.V.



A young Omicri baby sitting in her mother’s garden with nothing more then a beat up teddy bear for company.


Rosaline’s family came from the one of the free Omicri families. Her mother was a widow who lost her husband sometime back.  She was also a gardener who sold her crops to local markets where the Deliven shop.


Her sister Cassandra who is an oracle she knows the fates of everyone. The problem was nobody pays attention to her words on future events until it was too late. However, she worked hard as a Witches assistant at the gypsy wagon to make ends meat. The family had to work hard in order to keep their freedom.


Their family lived in small cabin.


Her mother would do house work and keep care of her own needs as she left her youngest child in the garden to fend for herself.


Meanwhile little Rosaline would sit outside and cry for food, diaper change, a little attention, perhaps a place to sleep?


Only for her mother to ignore her daughter’s cries and go straight to sleep after working. While she would dream about how great her life would be: without her little bastard child.


Rosaline would have starved to death if it wasn’t for her sister coming home and keeping care of her.


“Not this again…” Cassandra would sigh.




“Come on Rosaline you’re not going hungry with me around.”

Cassandra knew the rules: The bastard wasn’t allowed in the cabin. But Cassandra was never one to follow the rules. Rosaline may not have had the same father as her. But that didn’t make this baby a monster. One must not blame the sins of the father on the child.  The same man hurt Cassandra as well as her mother. But she wasn’t about to blame that horrible moment in her past on little Rosaline. This baby had nothing to do with it.


She watched over Rosaline as she happily drank down the milk.

Cassandra knew how special this child was. If only her mother believed her words. She was born for a reason, to a very great destiny.

Rosaline will one day rule them all. If their mother would step up and give this child the love and attention she needed. Rosaline will be a kind and benevolent ruler.

However if this neglect is to continue: Rosaline will become a monster to both Omicri and Deliven.  Killing whoever gets in her way, hellbent on revenge.

She didn’t want that fate for her little sister. Cassandra did love Rosaline dearly, and she wanted to take her away from all this. But however leaving with the baby meant slavery.  Omicri familes must not only work hard to keep their freedom. But also stay in a group of three or more anybody caught on their own or a family of two is simply free game to the Delivens.

Of course getting caught into slavery will mean a far worse future for them all.

Nobody needed that. Maybe a love of a sister might be enough here.


“I love you Rosaline. You are very loved…” Cassandra kept saying to the baby. “Don’t you ever forget that.”


Weather their mother liked it or not the baby was sleeping in the crib: Cassandra had bought for her 2 seasons ago.


While Cassandra would sleep right next to crib in order to quickly tend to Rosaline’s needs so mother wouldn’t notice.

That very morning Petunia caught the child in the cabin once more..


“It’s in the house! It’s in MY HOUSE.”


“Back to the garden with you.”


“Stay there!” Petunia would hiss at her child. As she kept care of the garden she noticed her oldest bringing the baby back into the house.


She stormed in to scream at Cassandra.. “How dare you! You know the rules this… this- thing! Isn’t a allowed in our home!”


“Once again mother this child’s name is Rosaline! She is your daughter not a thing!”


“Just because you gave that bastard a name: Doesn’t make it any more of a person.”


“She is an innocent child! YOUR child. You should treat her as such! She didn’t ask to be born into this situation.”

“Oh, yes she did! She asked for that awful awful man to be her father before birth. Read the holy book girl, maybe you’ll learn a few things.”


Cassandra began to mumble about how the Holy Book is nothing more then a bunch of fairy tales.

But instead of starting up a religious debate with her mother. She had work soon and she had to leave. This time Cassandra took Rosaline with her.  Cassandra’s boss was a kind witch with a soft spot for children.

For tonight Rosaline got to stay out of the garden come back home to her warm crib once more…


Things would stay like this over the next four years. Cassandra would be sneaking the baby into the house while her mother slept.  Cassandra taught her basic needs how to walk, talk and use the potty.


She even told her stories of her future, “What every ruler must know little Rosaline is to keep care of Keeva.  As the planet keeps care of us.. we must take care of it. Be kind to your people… both Deliven and Omicri alike. The Deliven are just misguided they’re not evil.

The day of Rosaline’s 6th birthday came with only her sister around to celebrate.



She grew into a pretty little girl..


“Happy Birthday Rosaline…” Her sister said as she held into a great big hug.


“I got you a music box.”

“Thank you! Thank you!” Rosaline squealed in delight.


“I hope the weather stays good if I am to go back outside….” The child began to say.

“You’re not sleeping outside. I won’t allow it.”

“But mother would-”

“Let me deal with mother.”


When Cassandra left for work: she left little Rosaline to stay home and think.  She had many questions running threw her head like.. Why was mommy so mean to her?  Why didn’t mommy let her into the house? What did she do wrong to momma?

‘Maybe if I give mom a big hug…’



“But mom I was trying to hug you-”

“Go away!”


Rosaline didn’t walk but she ran to the nearest place she could find.


While playing in the junkyard.. Rosaline came upon an idea.

If mommy wasn’t going to be nice to her. Then there is no reason why she should be nice to mommy.


That next day she set up pranks around the house.  The ran back to the junkyard before her mother would awaken.


Petunia wasn’t safe from any of her daughter’s pranks.


All the while Rosaline was playing innocently in the junkyard.


Every night she came home just as her sister did…


Cassandra would sleep in the sleeping bag in the garden.

While Rosaline slept in what used to be Cassandra’s bed.


This routine went on for years without Petunia knowing. They were always careful not to wake her for her not to notice who was where.

One morning that all changed. Boredom became to much for the young child and she began to play pretend around the cabin.


“I am Rosaline Queen! And I demand nine handsome princes!”


“No ten princes! To love me and me alone!”


“What are you doing in this house?!”



“Don’t you know! Yetis will come and eat little bastards who don’t listen to the one brought them into this world!”

“I think a Yeti would rather eat you! You’re bigger!”


A third voice interrupted this little confrontation.

“Don’t you raise a hand to her.”


“Mother this is evil! You should treat her better-”

“I can’t believe your saying this!”






“She is my little sister.. of course I love her despite of her conception. As should you. You shouldn’t blame that man’s crimes on Rosaline. You are her mother and you should step up and be her mother!”

“I don’t want it! I will not have you talking to me like that-”



“You are my child you should treat me and my decisions with more respect!”

Little did the two of them know Rosaline heard everything…


With tears running down her face she ran far.. far far away from her mother and sister.


She went to the river.. to cry out her sorrows. Her mother didn’t want her.. because she was conceived of rape.  This same man, did the same to her sister: whom she loves dearly. Rosaline staying around was just a bitter reminder of what happened.


There was an ache in heart for what happened.

A strange feeling came over her as she aged up…


She aged

Rosaline will not return to her mother’s home instead. She’ll be off to fulfill her destiny: Who knows what she’ll find along the way.

To be continued.

Notes: As I said Rosaline did have a very sad start in life.  Next up we will Rosaline joining the rebellion against the Deliven rule and meeting her older brother Briar. Who will influence Rosaline in a huge way.  We won’t get to see Rosaline’s crimes until after her rise to power. Also Cassandra nor Petunia will be seen for a couple of chapters.  I hope you enjoyed this chapter or atleast liked it on some level sorry it took so long.


5 thoughts on “Childhood Years.

  1. wow…poor Rose. 😦 That is just terrible how her mother treated her. At least she has her sister to love her and understand Rose was not at fault, but with that belief system Petunia blames Rose for all that happened. For her to learn that, to know why her mother hates her and now she’s run away and in danger of being taken as a slave as well as her mother and sister since they are no longer a group of 3.


  2. I felt so bad for little Rosalind, what a horrible way to start your life out with your mother hating you for something she had no control over. The whole situation was tragic and it looks like it is going to get even more tragic. I don’t know what is going to happen to her as a teen but I am not liking the sound of it.


  3. Oh what a sad chapter. It’s always a very difficult decision for the motner to allow. A child conceived under this circunstances to be born or not. But once the kid is there she should be accepted. It’s definitely not her fault.


  4. Oh man! That’s harsh, her mother hating her for something she had no control over. 😦 I hope Petunia gets her comeuppance in due course. At least Rosaline had her sister to look out for her.

    I feel so bad for her, how she learned of how she was conceived and that her sister was raped. Man, poor Rosaline. 😦 Life sucks for her right now.


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