Quick need to Know.

What you need to know about the planet Keeva.  Now of course Rosaline’s childhood will be posted but here’s a few need to knows about the planet Keeva and the Conflict of the two races that surrounds them as well as their beliefs.  This is pretty much a must read in order to understand the traditions a bit more and of course who knows when I will add someone from the Planet Keeva in my Burnbright stories lol.

Disclaimer: There are religious belief’s in this quick to need to know of two fictional races. They do NOT match up to my beliefs. Just to make that clear right now.


Omicri and Deliven: The Omicri and Deliven have co-existed on the planet Keeva since the start of their time. There has been have a few differences between the Omicri and Deliven. The Omicri can speak to animals, and plants. Omicri are rarely are born with the gift of foresight. Can see the future, or sometimes have dreams into the past about stuff there is no way they could have known. Problem is most Omicri see the Oracles as rip offs and cheats. Very few people believe them.

Deliven do no such thing they can’t communicate with plants or animals at all.  Deliven’s however have a great sense of sight they can see things up to a mile away or can read the finest print on a piece of paper. Deliven’s have excellent hearing as well they can hear up to three miles away.

If  a Deliven and a Omicri had a child together. The child almost always turns out Omicri there genes are very dominate. Rarely will a Deliven be born of such a union.

Deliven’s come in two colors Green and Purple. Their ears are never pointed.

Omicri however come in all colors and have pointed ears.

Deliven are in power right before Rosaline takes over. They are above the Omicri in economy and wealth. Some Omicri’s are in fact slaves to the Delieven. However there are also ‘free’ families.  The free Omicri families carrying around papers stating that they’re families are free and at least one person in the household is employed. Weather, it’d be farming, fortune telling, being a maid, or gardener. One Free Omicri has to keep their  family secure in one working profession in order to keep their freedom in tact.

Belief’s and Religion: There has been very big battles over religion on this planet. Since Deliven’s and Omicri have two very different belief systems.

Omicri believe that the whole planet was created by the goddess Gia. She is the ‘mother’ of them all. They believe the goddess is a sweet and loving woman who would never do them any harm.

There are five commandments that mother Gia demands from the Omicri.

1. You shall not kill another person: unless your life is being threaten.

2. You shall not beat a child.

3. You shall not commit adultery.

4. You shall help others who are in need.

5. You shall treat the planet Keeva with respect. It is your home you shall keep care of the planet as it keeps care of you.

Other Omicri beliefs: When a child is born, it is Omicri belief that the child chose their parents before they were born. (This plays a big part in why Rosaline’s mother is bitter at her youngest child.) If an Omicri has been awful and evil in life they shall go to “Divera” after they die. In Divera everything bad you have done to anybody will be done unto you. You will experience everything bad you had done to anybody.

If you had been good in life when you die you will make it to Nivera. In Nivera it’s is a blissful afterlife but you still got to work their being guardian Angel to everyone else who needs you.

Once your tasks in either afterlife is done. You shall be reborn of parents of your choosing if you had been good. If you had been a evil person and your punishment in Divera is up you shall be reborn to another planet, since you have done wrong on Keeva and you have learned your lesson. You shall be born on another world for a new start in life.

Deliven Belief system: The Deliven worship their lord Markle. Markle is a merciless god. If you serve him well you shall go to Tavina (Heaven) and have all your hearts desire’s. If you don’t obey the mighty Markle you shall suffer for eternity in Raniam. In Raniam you shall simply sit there and rot and burn.

They believe the Omicri goddess Gia is the devil.

The Deliven  religious rules: 1. Treat the Omicri with no mercy as they were made by the Devil Gia.

2. Kill anyone who praises Gia.

3. Take two days of your week to worship me Markle, your creator.

4. You shall make servants of the Omicri as they are of the devil they should be tamed into submission.

5. You shall not take any other god before me.

6. You shall not believe in Karma. Karma is false.

7.  You shall not kill your fellow Deliven.

Each side think they’re the right religion. Many Omicri have died/has been slaughtered for believing in Goddess Gia. In this day in age on the planet Keeva if you honestly believed in Gia you would have to hide it as it is a automatic death sentence to celebrate Omicri holidays or so much as pray to Gia.

A few translations:  Lorak= Warlock.  Nonmi= *Insert any insult here.*  Mi-amiga= Love.

Omicri abilities: All Omicri can talk to animals and plants. There is nothing special about that.  But it is considered special to Lorak/Loren. (Warlock/Witch). Or even an Oracle is beyond special.

Omicri and Deliven on occult types: Occult types are rare on Keeva but do happen.

Werewolf: There are Omicri and Delieven werewolves. A few werewolves settled on Keeva instead of Earth when there planet was blown up. Both sides treat the wolves with kindness and they’re even allowed to praise to mighty Kai without the Deliven’s getting mad about it. They’re both loved and feared. Many wolfs are with the resistance against the current evil emperor Mandar.

Witches/Warlocks: To be born with the abilities of that a warlock or a witch means you are among the chosen. The chosen to help protect the planet and to give the people guidance. In love, luck, or even contacting dead relatives. Some even become fighters. The witch and warlock gene will skip many generations before reappearing again. In other words you can have two normal parents and still end up with powers because of an ancestor generations earlier who did possess those powers.

Fairies: They’re rare on this planet and thought to be fictional. The Omicri and Delieven see them rarely. But such encounters are usually dismissed quickly as dreams or the person is called crazy or a drunk.

Mermaids: The sailors claim they are real. But once again very few actually know for sure.

Ghost; Angry souls who haven’t crossed over/souls trying to avoid punishment in the afterlife.

Genies: Well, one has to acquire a lamp first. Even on this world…

Imaginary Friends: Only will a young one with a strong enough imagination can make one real.

How things are before Rosaline comes into power: Delieven are in charge and the Omicri are the lower class. They’re either slaves or the ones who have to work hard to keep their families freedom.

All the past leaders of Keeva have been Delieven and male. Never before has their been a Omicri  or a female in charge. Rosaline could have been great if she wasn’t so revenge driven.


3 thoughts on “Quick need to Know.

  1. Oh Wow you really developed a history and I have a feeling that Rosalind broke one of these rules which is why Life exiled her. You really have me very curious at what to expect here. Looking forward to reading what happens next.


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