Teenage Rebellion

Note: We will start off to see how Faith is doing without her mom. Then we will go right to how Adult Rosaline is handling the truth of her childhood. Then on with the next flashback to her life. Hope you enjoy this chapter.

Warning: There maybe some sensitive issues addressed in this chapter.


Faith’s Pov.

I have been keeping mom’s garden alive in her absence.  I must say.. I am pretty proud it is this large and thriving. It was hard work considering there is no working sprinkler system and don’t get me started with the plants trying to start up conversations with me! I have no idea what to say back to a tree or a bush. Don’t know how mom does it everyday.

Heh, most people would think I am crazy when I speak about what I hear the plants and animals say.  One of the few that do seem to understand is my pen pal.


Chapter Teenage Rebellion (1)

Though it’s been years since our grade-school assignment. I still write to Trevor.

Chapter Teenage Rebellion (2)

Trevor is one of my few friends.  Outside of the family that is.  I do value his friendship dearly. Even though he’s all the way in Aurora Skies he’s one of the few I trust.

I’d never tell anyone this but people tend to make me nervous. Very nervous, I have no clue why I am so afraid of them. Maybe it’s because I can hear their violent thoughts? But then again not everyone I run into has violent thoughts or intentions.

But I have met more then a few that has. Sometimes I think there is someone spying on me. But when I look there is no-one there.  Without my mother around I feel more jumpy. I am trying to be brave though. Perhaps I am being paranoid and nobody is spying on me.

Whatever this quest for the truth is: I do hope mom finds what she is looking for.

Time has went on and I got contacted by my half-brother Bruce Windfall.  Apparently he’s the sixth child of my father and his ex-wife. Over the last three weeks we’ve been exchanging messages. I finally invited him over to the park. I know mother isn’t around but I am not throwing no big party and he’s my brother… family.  So I don’t think there’s any harm here.

Chapter Teenage Rebellion (17)

He greeted me with a smile.

Chapter Teenage Rebellion (24)

“Nice to meet you at last Faith.”

“Nice to see you to Bruce.  So, uh.. hows the family?”

“Well my mom is okay, our sister Regina signed her up for a television show called “The one.”  Bruce laughed, “Don’t know if they’re going to call her back though.  Bert is doing better since the television show it helped him get courage to go out there find his one. He wishes Erin and Cal well.  Anyway he says your welcome to visit him anytime. Our other sister Terri wants to meet you as well.  As for the rest of our siblings Greg and Dixie….  well they want nothing to do with me and I can’t tell you about dad. I haven’t seen him in a long while either.”

“Why haven’t you spoken to the rest of our siblings or father? I mean I know he don’t want me but you-”

Chapter Teenage Rebellion (21)

“It’s a long story Faith.. I rather not. You may disown me to if you knew. Besides I want to know more about you.”


Chapter Teenage Rebellion (19)

I wonder what Bruce did was so wrong? I mean if Dixie, Greg and father stopped talking to him.  After reading his mind I don’t detect anything wrong with him. But I do sense a lot of sadness in his soul.  So, I did the only thing I can think of his take Bruce and pull him into a hug.

Chapter Teenage Rebellion (33)

“Well you may not want to talk about it and that’s fine. But no manner what you have a sister here who loves you regardless. Dad, Greg, and Dixie can get over what it is they’re mad at you about.”

“Thanks sis.”

So we talked for hours.. I told about my life, and how I am doing.  We had a debate: I liked the Orange flavored Plasma while Bruce liked the Cherry.

Chapter Teenage Rebellion (27)

Though I do often wonder what it’d be like straight from the source.  But at the same time I am kinda of afraid to try it..

Apparently Bruce works part time at the grocery store and he told me that they’re hiring.

Chapter Teenage Rebellion (23)

I did thank him for the offer but mother doesn’t want me putting in toward her goal.

Chapter Teenage Rebellion (30)

After awhile he confessed his secret to me.

Chapter Teenage Rebellion (18)

He came out to me…  I was shocked, not by the fact that Bruce is gay. No not that. But that father would disown him, or Greg and Dixie would have nothing to do with him. For that? Really?

To me such things never did manner. Love and let love is my motto. I held him into a tight hug again.

“As I said it don’t manner to me. You have a here sister that loves you. When you do find your special someone make sure I get invited to that wedding.”

Chapter Teenage Rebellion (33)

“Well I am bit young for that.  But thanks… for being their Faith.”

“Anytime. Besides you don’t just have me: but you have your mom, Bert, Regina, and Terri as well. You have a good support system right there.”

Time came and he had to go home it was curfew time. I bid him well and hopes he comes back to visit soon.  Maybe I will meet the rest of my siblings.. or at least Bert, Regina, and Terri. They sound like good people.  I guess I had more family I ever knew.  My mind wonder over to mom for a minute.  I wonder how she is, what is she doing?  I do hope she’s alright.

*End of Faith’s POV.*


Rosaline’s P.O.V

I got up with splitting headache must be from falling down on the concrete.  However the tears running down my face was not from any physical pain but from the mental torment of my childhood.

Chapter Teenage Rebellion (6)

“You were right my past was painful. Maybe I shouldn’t go any further into it-”  Life was being comforting.  “I know the beginnings of your life was a bit much to take.  However you’re going have to find the strength to keep on taking the memory water and remembering more.”

“My own mother didn’t want me-”


“I’d be dead right now if it wasn’t for my sister. I need to find and thank her-”

“Rosaline! ”

“Where’s the nearest spaceship?”

“ROSALINE! Will you please focus? I know your life was hard and it shaped you into the person you was. However there’s more you need to know.  Want to know even. You asked me for answers and I am keeping to that promise. After you are done uncovering the full truth of the past. I will leave it up to you on what you want to do with this information.”

I cried into Life’s shoulder so hard.


Chapter Teenage Rebellion (4)

“What do you mean by that?”

“I could wipe your mind once more or you can live with the truth of things. That will be left up to you once we are done. But only on one condition.”

“What would that be?” I asked while trying to dry the tears from my eyes.

Chapter Teenage Rebellion (5)

“That Faith know the whole truth. She’s going to need this information one day if she’s ever going to def- Well I told you there’s a man coming here for revenge. I am not allowed to interfere with Fate to much. Even though I should Fate is my son- but I digress. Laws of the universe state I can’t interfere with his plans. But however I can give people pushes in the right direction and that’s what I am doing here. You need to go on not just for your sake but for your daughter’s as well. Can you do that? Can you even agree to these conditions?”

“I wonder if ignorance is truly bliss. Because I honestly feel right now I’d be mentally better if I didn’t know. I regret asking and begging for the truth.. but I will go on for Faith’s sake and to see what happened to my sister. I do agree.  Let’s see if I can live with these memories.”

“Remember, ignorance maybe bliss but knowledge is power.  Now will you please go in there and take the next glass?”

Chapter Teenage Rebellion (7)

“Here goes nothing I guess.”

“Lay down on the couch this time no need for you to hit your head on the concert again.”

Chapter Teenage Rebellion (14)

This memory water as Life put it. Taste bitter sweet.  I wonder if that means there’s a few good memories to come this time?  The memory water that contained my childhood tasted nasty and sour. I wonder if taste has anything to do with the content of the memories.

Chapter Teenage Rebellion (15)

I sat down on the couch.

Chapter Teenage Rebellion (16)

Then I was out like a light. Next thing I knew I was running.

End of Rosaline’s p.o.v

The now thirteen year old Rosaline ran long and hard away from her mother and sister. She knew where she was not wanted and rather not to stay her mom and sister if her being there brings back memories of the horrible acts that brought her into this world.

Chapter Teenage Rebellion (36)

But where will she go? What will she do? She had no idea or no plans for the future. All she knew is that she had to go away and be careful not to be caught by slave traders.

Chapter Teenage Rebellion (37)

She ran so hard and so fast she ran straight into her brother. Except she didn’t know he was her brother.

Chapter Teenage Rebellion (39)

He was the head of the Omicri rebellion against the rule of the Delieven.  Briar maybe in his mid twenties now, but he was second in command for the longest time of the Omicri resistance. However rebellion leaders don’t usually last long the current emperor is usually quite proficient at hunting them down and killing them.

With Brair being Lorak with the highest level of magic: this fact alone made killing him a bit more difficult to the emperor but still he has his spies everywhere and he’s determined to get bring him down just like all the rest.

Briar has to stay on guard he never knows who or what maybe working for the emperor so his paranoia to this young girl running up to his headquarters is quite understandable.

Chapter Teenage Rebellion (40)

“Who are you and what do you want?!” He wasted no time at yelling at her.

“Hey hey, please calm down. I mean no harm.. I just left home and-well to answer who I am my name is Dimes. Rosaline Dimes that is.”

He stared at her that’s impossible he had only one sister that he knew of and that was Cassandra. The last he spoke to his mother she claimed to have miscarried the child within her. That was so many years ago now, she forbidden him from ever calling back. But his mother wasn’t one to lie? Was she? His mother or sister getting married to stay in a group of three didn’t make sense either because then this young girl wouldn’t be claiming her family name was Dimes. No, this girl is a liar in his a mind. A little truth telling spell will tell him everything.

“Using my own family name against me huh? How much did that emperor pay you? If you must speak lies then I am going to make you tell the truth.”

“What are you doing?”

Chapter Teenage Rebellion (43)

Chapter Teenage Rebellion (48)


With a Passion so red, Set to the fire and sunlight,
Let the truth be said, As this is my desire

Chapter Teenage Rebellion (51)

“Now who are you?”

Rosaline was now in daze and incapable of lying “As I told you once my name is Rosaline Dimes. ”

“Who is your mother and father?”

“My mother’s name is Petunia Dimes.. my father is unknown to me. Other then he burnt down my family’s village and raped my mother and sister. That’s how I was born.”

So his mother did lie to him about miscarrying the baby.

“Tell me why did you run away?”

Chapter Teenage Rebellion (50)

“My mother wouldn’t feed me, or let me sleep in the cabin. If it wasn’t for Cassandra sneaking me in I’d be dead. I recently found out the truth behind my birth.”

“I see.. Well I apologize for yelling at you and calling you a liar.”

Chapter Teenage Rebellion (49)

“No need to.. You were right not trust me. We’re strangers and you seem like an important man-”

“No I need to. I am sorry for jumping to the wrong conclusion. Allow me to introduce myself I am Briar Dimes- Your brother.”

“The freedom fighter? The Lorak?”

“Yes that is I. Mother told you about me? ”

“No, Cassandra did. Mom barely spoke to me unless it was to kick me out.”

“I see, follow me.”

Chapter Teenage Rebellion (53)


“This is where you will be staying for now… Until I can figure what to do with you-”

“I can stay with you and learn to fight!”

“You? You’re but a baby-”

Chapter Teenage Rebellion (53)

“I am not a baby! Besides I would be no older from when you started.”

Memories filled Briar’s head from when he was no older then thirteen.

His mother filling ideas in his head about him being the man of the house.

1 Brair's Past (3)

That if he was any kind of good son, he would go out there avenge his father’s death.  She told him to never come back until he brought his father’s killer to justice. Put those magical abilities he was born with to good use!

1 Brair's Past (1)

He ran hard and long that day until he joined up with the rebels. Briar was afraid then.  But the leader of the rebellion took him in, a Lorak was a valuable member to their group. They could always use magic on their side. So the former leader taught him how to control his powers and be a master of the martial arts.  The rebellion leader is now dead and Briar had taken his place.

So many died for in the fight for freedom. He didn’t want that for any sister of his. Not Cassandra, not Rosaline. To many people have died for freedom.  Briar will gladly die if it meant his people, the Omicri being free.  But he never wanted his family at risk.  He already lost his father, he refuses to lose anyone in his family.

Chapter Teenage Rebellion (54)

“You stay here for tonight and I will tell my decision in the morning.”

“I want to fight with you-”

“I know.”

Rosaline took refuge in her brothers in room awaiting his decision that very morning

Briar decided to contact his sister.

Chapter Teenage Rebellion (60)

“Yes, Cassandra she’s safe. She’s with me.  Should I send her back home?”

“No! Mother said she’ll kill her if she came back…”

“But you would be no longer in a group of three and you’ll free dibs for the Delieven slave traders.”

“I am afraid to say she already prepared for that day without telling me-”

“What do you mean?”

“She arranged for me to be married.”

“Oh, no…”

“Yes.. Since she’s still the head of the household by law I don’t have much of a choice in the manner.”

“Yes, I know. I am sorry to hear that this is against your will. What may I do about Rosa-”

“Let her join the fight… it is her destiny to rule us all. One must not fight fate.”

“I rather not-”

“Please let her join. I rather her be with the right people then for her to meet up with the right people. Rather then that man.”

Chapter Teenage Rebellion (61)

“One way or another her fate is going to happen. If it must.. I rather it be with a brother who loves her rather then a father who would be using her emotions against her.”


“No buts, show her exactly what she is risking. Tell her what fighting for Omicri freedom actually means,” Cassandra sighed, “and Briar-”


“Be careful out there. When you are fighting on the field out for Delieven with bright yellow hair and green eyes. He will be the death of you if you don’t-”

Chapter Teenage Rebellion (58)


“If I die Cassandra, atleast I die fighting for my people. It wouldn’t be a meaningless death-”

“Please be careful. Please watch out for that man.”

“Dear sister I know your visions have been true.. but one cannot be right all the time.”

“When have I been wrong?”

“There’s a first time for everything.”

“Please, I am begging you be-”

“I will do everything I can to protect the people and myself.  I will keep good care of Rosaline myself. I do hope you have a happy marriage despite the fact it is being forced. I do hope mother will see the light one day. Be well sister, I love you and mother both.”

Despite his mother’s wrong doings toward him and Rosaline. He can’t help but still love his mom, after-all she wasn’t always this crazy. She wasn’t always mean and bitter.  Their mother just changed dramatically after the death of her husband, the loss of the village, having to carry her rapist baby.

It would put a strain on anyone’s mental mind he knows he can’t blame her totally for the mistreatment. He just wishes she’d get some help, but any type of help for an Omicri, is a laughable to the current government. Maybe if he succeeds in his mission when things change for good.. perhaps then he can get his mother to help she needs.

“Be well, love you and Rosaline to.”

As he hung up the phone he sighed heavily. He doesn’t want Rosaline to fight.. he does know a few Omicri families who would be more then willing to take her in. Perhaps if he showed her the exact life and death fighting against the Delieven.. maybe then she will change her mind. If not he will take her under his wing. Cassandra did say she was destined to rule them all and if that is true then he won’t fight fate. However he thinks he can change her mind after what he is about to show her.

When Rosaline woke up he told her to come back to the of the Rebellion headquarters.

Chapter Teenage Rebellion (66)

“Who are these people?”

“The fallen rebels… or at least the bodies of the rebels we can find Rosaline.”

Chapter Teenage Rebellion (67)

“Each of these people have fought and have died for one idea: Freedom. They were brave men and women willing to fight for the Omicri’s freedom. If you are to fight with us. You should know the risk, many fought and died. Others were captured by Delieven and tortured to death. They done many unspeakable acts to these freedom fighters.”

“I understand the risk and I want to fight.”

“You don’t have to. Infact I know of a Omicri family willing to adopt you as their own child, you can go to them and have the loving home you have always wanted. I wouldn’t think any less of you if you took up this offer.”

Rosaline paused. A loving home.

Sure that’s what she always wanted a home to call her own, where she wouldn’t be kicked out to the cold or nearly starved to death by her own mother. The thought within it itself was tempting.

However, there were people dying for freedom. Omicris are slaves or have to work damn hard to keep their freedom. While the Delieven just ran around in the higher class and don’t have to want for anything while the Omicri barely making ends meat. This wasn’t right and if she could do something about her own people slaves help put an end to the Omicri torment then by damn she’s going to do something about no manner what the cost.

“I want to fight. I do understand the risk. Dear brother, I much rather fight for the freedom then be a prisoner to the Delieven rule my whole life. The more people in this fight the better.”

“Then so be it. Your training starts today.”

First thing was first Briar, taught her martial arts and trained her himself.

Chapter Teenage Rebellion (71)

“You kick like a girl! Keep going!”

Chapter Teenage Rebellion (69)

They have sparred together once a day everyday until the time of the big battle.

She made it to be a white belt.

Chapter Teenage Rebellion (72)

Chapter Teenage Rebellion (74)

However with Briar being a master of the Martial arts. He won their sparing contest every time.

Chapter Teenage Rebellion (77)

Chapter Teenage Rebellion (77)

She also sparred with other Omicri rebellion members.

Chapter Teenage Rebellion (84)

Chapter Teenage Rebellion (89)

Briar and Rosaline grew close as brother and sister should be over the following weeks.

He had been a big brother, a mentor, and as of now second closest thing she had to a best friend. If something were happen to him may goddess Gia pity the poor soul who would hurt him.

Chapter Teenage Rebellion (83)

Chapter Teenage Rebellion (93)

She also grew better in her abilities. Briar saw a bunch of untapped potential Rosaline she was strong, smart, and brave. He knows well she’ll fair well in a fight.

The day of the big battle is finally here. Brair just received information from his spies on the inside that General Zeddicus Doux will be handling the rebellion manner himself.  This made it a personal issue for Brair for that was very man who burnt down his home village… and of course if Rosaline puts two and two together she will figure out who her father is.

To be continued.

Note: Well you got a long update. 3,548 word update to be exact. Didn’t exactly mean to leave it at a cliffhanger but this was getting way to long. Next up a big battle and Rosaline’s young adult years. Oh, and get use to Faith’s brother Bruce and his partner will play a big part in her generation’s story as well. Hope everyone reading enjoys.  Jazen hope you don’t mind the Erin reference.


5 thoughts on “Teenage Rebellion

  1. Wow lots going on. Faith, I’m glad her brother reached out to her. It’s nice for her to have contact with people other than her mother, well at least ones that don’t make her nervous. Hopefully they will have a budding relationship and she’ll be able to meet her other siblings as well.

    Poor Rose…man her toddler years were rough. I can understand her not wanting to go on, but having to at least for Faith. I like how you are using the taste of the memory water to symbolize the severity of the memories. Pretty cool. Running into Briar (love his name) was a blessing and gave Rose a safe place to call home away from her mother. It’s sad that Cassandra is being forced into a marriage. I hope the man her mother picked is at least kind to her, but given how her mother is an evil bitch I have a feeling it won’t be a happy marriage on Cassandra. 😦 Hope I’m wrong. So I wonder…the man coming back for revenge is that possibly Rose’s father. I have a feeling he won’t die, in this battle or if he does he’s gonna be reincarnated somehow. I could be wrong since we still have to get through Rose’s YA years as a ruler so she could very well piss off someone during that time. I hope Briar listens to Cassandra’s warnings though.

    Oh and nope, I don’t mind the reference. Mischief did the same thing in relation to Mickey in her S3 story. 🙂

    So Life is married to Death and is mother to Fate. Interesting family there.


  2. Oh Wow you covered a lot here and I am not sure where to begin. I guess with Faith who just found herself a family if only partial family. It looks like the outcasts on her father’s side are bonding together which should be good for them. I’m wondering why she needs to have the memory of Rosaline past life even if Rosaline doesn’t need to remember. I like that her penpal relationship with Trevor is still going strong, it seems that they have formed a close friendship.

    Now Rosaline. Life seems to be comforting and kind to Rosaline at this point which is making me wonder even more so why Rosaline is being punished. She had a very bad childhood and Life’s actions are making me think there is more heartache ahead. I’m very worried for her brother something tells me Cassandra is correct with her warning. I’m getting kind of scared about what is to happen next and how this could lead to Rosaline’s present day.


  3. Wow, a long update indeed, lots going on.
    I’m glad Rosaline “run” into her brother and was able to be trained by him. This will probably change her life completely. And rather helping the rebellion than being killed by her own mother.
    I just wonder what will change her life so much to make her lose all her memories and be forced to live as a homeless in another planet.


  4. Hello! so glad I finally have time to catch up on this story. Poor Ros, she had such a rough life for sure. Glad she has a chance to do something about it, but then again, I know she turns evil and does lots of bad things at some point, oy!


  5. Wow! Lots happening here. I’m so glad Faith and her brother got to meet up. She needs that outside contact with someone who doesn’t make her nervous. Hopefully, they’ll grow close like a brother and sister should. 🙂

    I have to admire Rosaline’s courage to want to fight for the cause. It’ll be a hard life for her, but she has a great mentor and brother in Briar.

    I have a feeling, though, that something is going to happen to him. 😦 Cassandra gave him a warning, and I know the story in mythology where her warnings are never heeded or believed. Something tells me that Briar isn’t long for this world and that spurs Rosaline’s need for vengeance. 😦


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