Every Rose Has It’s Thorns.

Warning: Some sensitive issues maybe addressed here and there maybe some rough language. You have been warned.

Notes: Trying to recreate a battle is hard! Plus I can’t write action that well. I did try to install pose player… and the game kept crashing with it. So I removed it.  So we get more text instead of picture. Sorry for the wait. There are two battles mentioned in this chapter. Now on with the story.

The night of the battle came swiftly. Many lives gone, so many both Delieven and Omicri, missing. There was fire in the air from the bombs.

The rebellion, nearly lost Briar that night. But he survived. A woman, who Rosaline can swear up and down to be the emperor’s wife.  Came to the rebellion camp with a healing potion. The woman was dressed in royal clothes and heavily pregnant with child.  Why was this Delieven woman helping them?  Why did she look like the emperor’s wife?  What was she whispering to her brother? If she was the emperor’s wife… why did the rebellion let her in their headquarters?! What is going on?!

The woman left after a short meeting with Briar.

Rosaline was thankful for the woman’s healing potion her brother lives for another day. Though her questions about the possible royal lady can be answered later.

Rosaline’s body had it’s own bruises and cuts but she will heal in time.

Before tonight she already knew what battling for the rebellion meant. Death, for the people in the rebellion. She knew in every war there would be death on both ends. But what she didn’t realize was this: She had to take a life.  Rosaline in all her fifteen years of life never killed another living soul.

In this battle she has killed three. Two by firearms and one with her bare hands. The voice of the soldiers she killed still filled her mind. She was overwhelmed by guilt.  She wonders after so many battles: Will she get used to it? Or will she succumb to suicide if the Delieven don’t kill her in battle? Then again Briar did prepare her for this too.  In war there will always be death.  Though she wonders if this is the very many reason why some Delieven soldiers have killed themselves in the past.  Maybe the stress of war is to much..

Another thing that did bother her, General Zeddicus Doux he looked familiar to her.



That hair, those eyes, that nose… the same as hers. People say Zeddicus is a heartless man: but yet. He had the gun right up to her head and made the decision not to fire. He told the rest of his troops to leave her alone in the middle of the battle. Why?  He couldn’t be her father? Right? No. Then why would he spare her life out of all the other rebels? Something didn’t add up here. Even if he did leave her alive as prisoner… why he didn’t take her to prison? Why leave her be?

Maybe it’s a father’s love?’ Rosaline scoffed at that very thought.  “Yeah, fucking right. like a rapist/murder gives a damn about his bastards.” Rosaline punched the mirror in front of her breaking it.

‘Oww.. Stupid of you Rosaline.’ She silently cursed herself as she was picking the shards of glass from her hand.

Even if he did sire her… why would he care? Rosaline is just another out of his many bastard children. But if he wasn’t her father… why does did he care to spare her? What the heck was going on here.


At the Castle of the Emperor Mandar.


He sat down with his highest General: Zeddicus Doux and his right hand man Graham Wicksfield a Delieven with Bright Yellow hair and Green eyes.


“I believe there is a traitor in our mist.” The Emperor stated.. “I don’t know who it is, but it’s someone close. Someone within my Estate.”

Graham began to speak, “Well my emperor if you ask me I do believe the trader is right in front of us.  His name: Zeddicus.”


“Graham! I sincerely doubt my greatest solider would betray us-”

“I saw him spare a Omicri girl! I was there! I saw it.”

“Is this true?”



Zeddicus sat there. Of course it’s true… “The girl alive could be invaluable to our cause, she is the closest person to the Lorak Briar.  This could give us a tactical advantage if we swayed her over to our side. She could give us insider information.”

Mandar sat and pondered what Zeddicus said for a minute. “Why would a Omicri care about our cause?”

“She is not purely Omicri, you see she’s one of my offspring a result from one of my many victories. You see: I keep track of all of my offspring in some way or another. Sources have told me her mother treated her like she was nothing but dirt and then she ran off to join the rebellion. The Omicri in general hasn’t done squat for her. I think I can get her to open her eyes to see what kind of heartless people they really are. Remind her she has a father that cares and loves her.. Unlike her mother who turned her away and a brother wasting her life in this pointless battle. Once she knows this- she will be giving away all the rebellion secrets in a quick minute. ”

“Do you think she’d betray her own kind so quickly?”

“She’s female my lord. You know how women are, slaves to their own puny emotions.”

“So true.”

“Yes. So can I preceded further with this project of mine?”

Of course Zeddicus knows this is only half of the truth. The full truth of the manner was he knew one day his daughter will be the one to take over.  Zeddicus has his own secret, a secret mirror. They ancients call it a ‘Universal Mirror.’ it shows you not only alternate universes, but the future timeline as well. He acquired this mirror shortly before Rosaline’s conception by then he learned everything. So, Petunia and her lovely daughter Cassandra became his targets when he raided that village he knew one of them was going to bare his child. The very child who was meant to rise to power.

Since his bastard offspring will be the one to take over.  He wants to be there by her side, pulling the strings sorta of speak. A seat of power. He knows his daughter has anger buried deep deep inside, he wants to control that anger.  He doesn’t want to be King.. to much danger of assassination in that. But to pull the strings of a puppet ruler? No threat to him at all.

Mandar only lets him have control over half of the army. That just isn’t enough power for him! He wants it all and if manipulating Rosaline was a way to get what he wants. Then so be it. Of course he wasn’t going to tell Mandar of his own secret agenda.


“You make a good point Zeddicus. If you can sway her over then by all means do so. If not, I am sure you’ll have no trouble killing her.”‘

“Of course. I always do your will my lord.”


Graham stood up, “This is ridiculous! First you tell us there is a traitor in our mist. But then I point the traitorous thing Zeddicus has done and you agree with him?!”

“Graham he’s given his reasons, and good ones to if I may add.”

“I do not believe the traitor is either one of you. I have known the two of you my whole life.. no it can’t be either one of you. Graham what I want you to do is gather all the slaves and question each of them.’


“Argue with me one more time and I’ll have you locked up lifetime friend or no.”

“I’ll gather the slaves.”


“Zeddicus I want you to gather all the guards and security and question them one by one. Someone here is betraying and I want to get to the bottom of this.”

“Yes sir.” On the outside Zeddicus looked serious, on the inside he is literally laughing.  ‘Poor moron never bothered to question his own wife. HA.’

To Zaddicus it just didn’t really manner what was going on there to bother to tell him exactly what he knows.. hell no. Friends are something to be used to him and the Emperor’s usefulness to him will be up quicker then he knows. So why bother to reveal what’s really going on? Little did the General know but he was playing right into Fate’s hands.

So the two right hand men of the emperor did what they were assigned to do.

While up in the second story of the castle sat a little Princess named Lyra. The Emperor’s and Empress’s daughter.


When Lyra was born the Emperor sought to kill his little daughter at birth. She was female therefore useless to him.

But when he heard his wife pleas for there daughter’s life he grew soft and kept the child alive on one condition that she bare him a son next time.


As time went on his wife is now excepting their second child. For his wife’s sake he hopes for a son. One daughter is bad enough but two will just be a nightmare.  If his wife does indeed bare him a second daughter. He will have his wife and newest baby executed and start over with a new wife.

Lyra has grown on him a bit though,  he doesn’t know what use he can make out of Lyra. Though the thought of marrying her off to nobleman or one of his soldiers in the future did enter his mind.

No woman shall rule the planet Keeva and Mandar will try his damnedest to make sure that will never happen. A woman’s rule will most likely ruin their planet. So marrying off little Lyra when she reaches her teen years will be his daughter’s best possible future.

“No woman. will. EVER.” He growled to himself. Then he took a quick glance at Lyra.. ‘And you remember that.’

A few weeks have past since the last battle..

Pick n chose (16)

Briar was meditating, like he always does when he prepares for battle or when he has an awful lot on his mind. It helps him keep focus in life or death emergencies. More was on his mind then what even the other rebels knew about.  Despite the fact Adria has been in his inside source for the last seven months.. seeing the empress there, while pregnant was a shock to his system.

He was thankful for being healed, but Adria and the unborn baby was on his mind immensely.  He was worried for Adria’s safety and well being of that unborn baby if only-

His thoughts were interrupted by his little sister walking into the room.

“Briar, can we talk?”


“Sure, Rose you know I always have time for you.”

“So brother, care to tell me who was the woman in royal clothing a couple of weeks ago?”

“…Our inside source.”

“She seemed close to you… very close.. she was literally sobbing. Care to tell me why? Would the Empress of the Delieven would help the rebellion.. much less cry over a ‘worthless’ Omicri. I don’t know maybe Mandar’s wife could be using you or acting? Maybe she’s relaying things to her husband-”


Briar for the first time ever shot Rosaline the meanest glare.

“Rosaline do not judge what you do not know. We are fighting for equality here and for equal rights of for everyone. Adria, much like a few of the other Delieven do not agree with the slavery of the Omicri.  She just as much as a slave to Mandar as the rest of the of the enslaved Omicri are. You do realize much like Omicri women the Delieven women don’t have much of a choice in who they marry? I have known Adria as a child- I know her, she never had much of a choice in anything. Don’t you ever go- ”

“Okay, okay, calm down Briar. I am sorry I ever- Wait.. how do you know her?”

Briar began to calm down.

“Adria and I used to play together as children. My father used to work for her dad as a gardener for their family. You know how our family is one of the rare free ones. Well,  my father would take his wagon to work everyday and me with him to teach me how to garden… but what I really did was run off played with Adria for what seemed like hours. My childhood best-friend she was.  She came from a kinder Delieven, family a more accepting one. If mother didn’t run me off to join rebellion things between Adria and I-.. well let’s not talk about what could’ve been or what may have happened.”

He remembered the anger he felt when he heard Emperor Mandar chose a bride, because Adria wasn’t just any Delieven woman. She once meant the world to Briar and that horrible man picked her out for his wife.

Years later she came to him offering to help out the Omicri side of the rebellion. At first Briar refused her help, for Adria’s safety he didn’t want to lose her. Her insane husband would have her dead.

But then she talked to him even more she explained to Briar that she has a little girl named Lyra.. and that if Mandar is still be in charge her little girl maybe dead or married off to someone horrible.  She had her own very understandable reasons. A loving mother would do anything to save her own child.

After her pleas, Briar accepted her help with her inside information.  Then over time they grew close, a little to close…  Briar still had old feelings for Adria and she felt the same for him.

One night one thing led to another.. he’s not for sure if the child she is currently carrying is his or not. But there is a good possibility of just that.

He looked to his side sadly. Briar started to think to himself,  ‘Three innocent people could die-‘  Tears ran down his face, ‘Damn it get a hold of yourself! Well figure a way to save them all of them!’  He shook his head trying to get himself out of these thoughts, “Well let’s not talk about that.”

“I am sorry to have doubted- Briar are you okay?”

“Yeah I am fine…” He said lost in thought.


Rosaline held her brother in a tight hug.. “Hey. I am always here for you.”

“I know you are Rosaline, I know you are..”

“Don’t you ever leave..”

“…” Rosaline sighed. She hated to break up the moment. But there was one more order of business that she needed to get to.

“Why did the general spare me at the last battle?”


“General Doux, he had the gun pointed right at my head but he didn’t shoot and told the others to back off me. Why?”

Briar gave his sister a good long look.



“..You took a good look at him Rosaline you know who he is to you. I rather not call him, your father he’s more like.. a horrible horrible donor. As for why didn’t he shoot you? My only guess is that he thinks you will be of use to him at some point.. Don’t fall for his tricks.”

“I won’t.”

“He’ll try to convince you of things that aren’t true…” Briar’s only regret was not killing the bastard when he had the chance. If he wasn’t critically injured at the time Zeddicus would have been dead.That man killed his father and raped his mother and sister. He hates speaking of that horrible man right now, but his dear sister had every right to know.

“I understand, and I won’t.”

“Good.. and Rosaline..”


“I love you little sister. Don’t forget that.”

“I love you too and won’t ever forget you..”

Two months later…

The rebellion had to act fast and get the many wounded out of the Rebellion headquarters as possible. The few who were able to fight the Delieven stood and fought to the bitter end.

The air smelled of smoke and blood. Rosaline stood with a gun shooting any of the Delieven.

“Briar!” She yelled. Her brother became missing within the chaos.

She ran aimlessly threw the many soldiers who were under strict orders to leave her alive.  In a rush of emotions, sadness, anger, fear…


She ran hard and long to find her brother.

She her brother’s voice faintly… “Rose…”

Even, after all he had been through, Briar had never wished for death. Not once, not ever. Through all the pain of a landed enemy strike, through all the pain caused by his cruel past, through all the pain of losing his father, and the love of his life.  Not once, had he ever wished for death.

He was no coward, but he loved life. He loved living, he loved his sisters, he loved his mom despite her cruelness, he loved Adria, and the baby.. he had a vision of a beautiful Omicri baby being born.

He didn’t much time left and he’ll be damned if his powers were going to die with him. At the moment of death any Lorak can transfer his or her own powers to the one closest to them.  His sister will need magical powers..

“Briar!” She ran straight to her brother’s side there was a gaping hole in his chest…  How is he even alive? Through his magic or what? He was bleeding profusely.

“HELP!” Rosaline began to scream for the others to come to their aid..

“Rosaline, I don’t have much time…” He placed his hand over her chest…”I Briar Marcus Dimes.. give the right of cast to my sister Rosaline Imelda Dimes..”

There was a light yellow glow that came from his hand this same glow… light.. whatever one will call it came out of him and straight into Rosaline’s heart.

“I cast all of my powers to her..”

“No, don’t die… No!” Rosaline started to cry.

“Find Adria.. get her and my child to safety by any means possible. Be sure the child knows-” Briar drew his last breath and died right there by Rosaline’s side.

“WAKE UP!” She screamed so loud… “NO YOU GET UP!”

From the distance there was a laughter. There stood Graham, a delieven with bright yellow hair and green eyes.  “I did what took Zeddicus years to do.. Ding-dong the Lorak is dead.” He mocked.

“Boy was he delusional thinking he mated with the Empress.. haha-” In mid laughter he got impaled with a sword threw from behind he had no clue how did that Omicri girl get behind him that quickly.

“You die slowly and painfully.” She said as she twisted the sword in Graham’s back. “May you forever rot in Divera trash.” The rose has grown her thorns.

An older Rosaline woke up.

Rosaline’s P.O.V

“Oh, my-” … I was dizzy and sickened. “I think I am going to get sick..” I felt tears rolling down my face.

“Briar is gone..”

Life put her hand on my shoulder.. “Rosaline..”

“I don’t want to go threw this anymore. No wonder I went crazy!” I sobbed long and hard into Life’s shoulder.

“There’s more you need to know.”

“I can’t do-”

“You must!”

I started to walk out of the house Life was in.

“I don’t need too..”

She ran after me quickly.

Chapter Teenage Rebellion (6)

“You gotta know.. even if it’s just for Faith to know okay? Shortly after I can wipe these memories forever if you wish.”

“I’ve killed-”

“Rosaline, it was kill or be killed on those battle fields. You didn’t have much of a choice.”

“What was Brair’s “Right of cast?”

“He gave you his powers… you were a lorak or shall I say witch.. at one time yourself. You renounced those powers years ago.”

“So it was for nothing-”

“I wouldn’t say that.”

“What happened to the baby.. was it his?”

“Rosaline, you gotta drink that water and find out for yourself.”

To be continued..

Next up: Rosaline’s rise to power.

Also a few bonus pics.

Here is a picture of the Delieven empress Adria we didn’t see..

Pick n chose (19)

I had a pic of her and Briar kissing but I didn’t think it fit in.


Also I have another picture here of Faith meeting the goddess of all Vampires Sarafina. In my folk lore Sarafina will appear to all Vampires at some point in there lives or another. So yeah, It’s Faith’s turn in the next update.


Faith in her prom dress.. I thought she was so pretty here.


Pick n chose (25)

Thank you all for reading and waiting so patiently! I am sorry I took so long with this. I hope enjoyed this chapter.




5 thoughts on “Every Rose Has It’s Thorns.

  1. Wow!!! A lot has happened. Her father wants to use her to get his own power, her brother is gone and could possibly be the father of the Empress’ child. That would be death for her and that baby, so if it is his, she’d better hope the child looks like her. That was a lot for Rose to take in, but she still has more to learn. 😦


  2. Oh boy so much has gone on and I feel so bad for Rosaline because it seems like whatever crime Life is punishing her for is not her fault. Now that her brother is gone I am sure she will fall right into whatever her father has in mind. If anyone should be punished it should be him, so far his evil far surpasses anything else we seen. I’m very worries about the baby, praying its a boy that will fool the king but I fear that will not be the case.

    Faith looked lovely for the prom, can’t wait to see more of her story now that we had a little preview.


  3. So much happened here, so evil from Rose’s own father to use like this. She had already so much and now this…
    I’m sorry that Briar died also. He was the brother Rose needed. Now, alone, she’ll be completely unprotected, a good target for her father.
    Faith looks really pretty in her prom dress!


  4. Poor Ros, it must be so hard to relive these things. Her own father wanting to use her, her brother dying, Not knowing if the baby was his or not. Something definitely changed in her when Briar died.


  5. A lot happened here. Awww, I had a feeling Briar wasn’t going to make it. 😦 Rosaline is going to carry that with her forever and know it was his death that was the catalyst that started the choices she’ll have made from then on. Wondering whatever happened to the baby and if a Briar was the father. Heaven help Adria and the kids if that’s the case. Loved the bonus pics. Faith looked so pretty in her prom dress and Serafina is beautiful. 🙂

    You did great with the text. I can relate. It’s challenging writing a battle and action scenes can be hard. Too bad you couldn’t get Pose Player to work. There are a wealth of poses out thre that add so much.


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