How did I get here?

Let’s meet our founder Rosaline Dimes.


Rosaline Dimes

Her traits are the following, Loner, Supernatural fan, Green Thumb, Mooch,  and Light sleeper.

She will start off $25.00 in her bank. She will not move into a home until she completes her life time wish of swimming in Cash.

She will not get pregnant until after her adult birthday.

So let’s begin with the story. Witch will told from Rosaline’s POV.

A ripple in space and time occured

How I got here is much a mystery to me as anybody else…  Who am I? How I got here?  Is the questions in my head. Last thing I remember is a surge of energy. Perhaps lighting? Maybe a rip in the space time continuum. I cannot be sure what that was to be honest.


If you must know I am currently homeless living in a small park in a town call Starlight Shores.

Maybe tomorrow..

I woke up one morning on the bench with a voice in my head telling me:  to go to the local library go to mysterious web site and log in under user name It’sgoingtochange.  With the password ‘forever’. I know this must sound crazy listening to voices in my head.  But what did I have to lose?  I must have answers. I must know.

So she went to the Library

One thing is for sure when I got to the library. I didn’t waste no time.

Must fullfill

Much to my surprise the website was real and the user name and password worked! But I got some answers, but also got more questions as well there was a message left to me…

By who? Why?

The message read thusly.

Dear Rosaline,

Yes that is your name Rosaline Dimes. I am sorry for the utter confusion of wiping your memory. But it had to be done for the sake of our mission.  If you remembered the horrible details of your past. You wouldn’t go on with the experiment at hand. This your chance at redemption! Don’t blow it Rosaline.  We provided you with a park with a couple of apple trees to provide you with some nourishment. The rest you must do one your own.  Your current lifetime wish is to be worth $50,000 do not. I repeat do NOT buy yourself home until then no matter how tempting it maybe. You also must find a needs of procreation,  you’re only allowed one child Rosaline so pick your donor wisely.  No romantic relationships. Your on your own. If this plan is to work.  I am sorry I can’t tell you why this happening to Rosaline.  Perhaps one day I will come back to tell you all the details.  Delete this message after reading it. We don’t need any of the humans finding out about this.

Love you always.

Your dear friend.


Who was this L person? Why is he or she keeping me away from a home or family life.  Chance at redemption? Did I do something wrong was I criminal? I am not human? … Don’t want the human’s to know? What am I?

So many questions flooded my mind.

I don't how I will do this

I don’t know where my life is heading or how I am to survive.

I see whoever left me an easel.

Started to work on first painting

I worked on my first painting.  It didn’t look like much.

It wasn't much

I did manage to sell it for a three dollars.

But worth 3 dollars

Maybe tomorrow will bring new answers and a better day.

She woke up

To be continued.


5 thoughts on “How did I get here?

  1. Poor Rosaline, what a difficult new start for her :/ Not quite what people have in mind when they say they want to start over!!


  2. Oh wow! Interesting start. So, poor Rosaline is homeless and has been issued all these edicts of what she can’t do by some computerized person calling themself “L.” Very mysterious and freaky. The poor girl is in for it, living in a park and surviving on only apples. Let’s hope her lot in life changes relatively quickly and she can get some answers to her burning questions. On to part 2 and looking forward to seeing what’s next.


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